Marty M. Fahncke… Engaging, interactive, effective, down to earth speaker…

Marty M. Fahncke delivering keynote speech at Truman State University

Delivering keynote speech at Truman State University

The last person who hired me said: “You made me look good in front of my boss“. You’ll look good too if you hire me for your event!

Available for keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, panel moderating, debates, and as an emcee.

Can you trust me to bring you a great presentation?  YES!

Marty M. Fahncke Professional Speaker

"Making A Point"

Just ask my customers… Following are real testimonials from satisfied meeting organizers and attendees for my various keynotes, breakouts, workshops, and seminars. It’s just a small sampling of the thousands of positive responses I’ve received since becoming a professional speaker in 2001 and presenting to audiences around the world.

“We invited Marty to speak to a small group of executives from our best customers. His content was timely, he did an excellent job to tailoring his presentation to the audience and he made it interactive. He got rave reviews and I’d highly recommend him as a speaker at any executive retreat or conference.”
Susan Meriwether
RightNow Technologies

“Marty’s talk on “community” was outstanding. Cutting edge & the ‘newness’ was spot on”.
Ron Kelly

Marty Fahncke is one of the most sought-after contributors from Electronic Retailer magazine. Whether Marty is speaking at one of our conferences or contributing to Electronic Retailer as a columnist, his insight on financial and marketing trends in the retail industry is always right on target.
Gina Mullins-Cohen
Publisher/Editorial Director
Electronic Retailer Magazine

“I was specifically impressed by Marty Fahncke’s presentation…where I walked away with enough data and knowledge to satisfy my curiosity for a year!”
Wayne Porter

“Marty Fahncke was absolutely awesome at a recent talk he gave.  I learned more about electronic networking in an hour than I have in years!  I’m going to start blogging, something that never entered my mind before. Thank you, Marty. You’re amazing!”
Ellen Grosser – Keller Williams Realty

“This was one of the best seminars I have attended regarding Internet Marketing. The seminar was informative and interactive. The Bingo game was an awesome way for the audience to follow your topics.  I highly recommend Marty for all groups interested in Internet Marketing.”
L. Mack, Palm Desert, CA

“Marty is an excellent speaker and business professional. His eloquence is matched by his years of experience using media to market products. He brings a practical and witty approach to the Ideas Development Process and the Inventor’s Club of KC highly recommends him as a speaker and trainer.”
Carrie Jeske
Inventors Club of Kansas City

“Hi Marty, I am totally impressed with the amazing amount of helpful information that you were able to impart to our group last week.You definitely put your marketing expertise on the line in a clear and executable form — thank you for the time and effort you spent with us. It was a pleasure!”
Vicki Mills
Mills Custom Services Publishing

“The content was excellent, delivery very professional, and entertaining at the same time. You were able to keep the audience involved in the content, which isn’t an easy task any time you are speaking on business. You know your business very well and that comes across very convincingly to the audience!
Warren Honeycutt

“Wow! Marty is a breath of fresh air, and knows his stuff! He came prepared, gave a great presentation, and all the members were saying that Marty was the BEST speaker we have ever had. Pretty good for a group that has been around for about 30 years! I would highly recommend Marty for any presentations, or trainings you may have, you will not be disappointed. He delivers where most speakers fail, and keeps everyone interested.”
Tim Dinneen
Sunflower Pest Solutions

“As an entrepreneur, I came away from the presentation with several key action items that I know will specifically increase my internet revenue and exposure to new clients. As the President of the organization that hosted Marty, I could not have been more pleased with the response from our attendees. My only regret was that we didn’t have Marty talk for an additional hour!!”
Cathy O’Connell, DD
President – Women Leaders Forum of the Coachella Valley

So there you have it.  Just a few words to give you an idea of what you can expect if you hire Marty M. Fahncke to speak at your next event!

(Demo video available upon request)

Marty Fahncke Moderating Panel at Affiliate Summit

Top-Rated Panel Moderator For Events Across The Country

Click HERE to contact Marty TODAY!


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