Posted by: Marty Fahncke | September 29, 2011

Why yes, I do have a referral program

I know many of people today are looking for ways to make some extra money. Times are tough in a lot of areas . . . but I firmly believe that we can all help each other weather the storm. I’m a big believer in Zig Ziglar’s famous quote “You can get whatever you want in life, as long as you help enough other people get what they want“.

This quote led me to an idea. Why don’t I offer to help you earn some extra income by formalizing a referral program? This will allow you to earn revenue simply for connecting me with companies who need my help.


All you have to do is connect me with a new client…and I’ll pay you a generous referral fee as a thank you! We’re talking about potentially thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket…just for making a simple business introduction.

I guarantee you know at least one company who can benefit from our services.  Just take just a moment to review the information below, brainstorm who you know that could benefit, then send me an email or give me a call to make the connection.

You will actually be helping THREE entities:

  • Yourself by earning a referral
  • Me by helping to generate revenue
  • The company you refer, because we will help them increase their profits

Here are the services to consider referring:



Who – Any company who sells products or services to consumers and needs to increase their revenue (come on, I KNOW you know someone who fits this!). We’ve generated over $1 billion in revenue for our clients marketing everything from sporting goods to artwork, sunglasses to hockey tickets, and everything in between.

What – We work with companies around the world to help them find new income opportunities, promote themselves online, start new divisions, revamp ailing sales & marketing departments, and much more.

How much – Our consulting contracts range from $2,000 to $15,000 per month, and we’ll pay you 10% of that for as long as we’re working with that client!

What others have to say – “When I had an opportunity to hire a partner to work with us to develop a marketing plan for a new project, Marty was a very easy choice. We were able to win the new business and we are now moving very quickly toward another successful product launch. I would recommend Marty without hesitation.
— Fred Sumner

Business Coaching Header

Who – Any business owner, marketing executive, licensed professional or entrepreneur who needs clarity, focus, and a helping hand with their business.  From brainstorming to goal-setting (and goal achieving!) my Business Coaching can help almost anyone achieve greater success.

What – Regularly scheduled telephone coaching sessions custom-tailored to help the coaching client achieve their goals. Everyone needs a coach!

How much – Starting at just a few hundred dollars, Business Coaching may be the best investment any business owner can make.  We will pay you 10% of any coaching fees collected for the LIFE of the client engagement.

What others have to say  – “Marty has been coaching me for the past few months, and every time I’m on a call with him, he pushes me do more than I ever thought I could. His methods and suggestions are always constructive and beneficial. He is extremely professional and even more friendly. He has inspired me to accelerate my business to a place where I thought was not possible in such a short amount of time. Hands down, I couldn’t ask for a better coach.
— Paul Szuflita

Webinar on a computer screen


Who – Any company, speaker, expert, or other high profile entity that wants to leverage their knowledge and platform to generate revenue via this cool medium.

What – We’ve produced world class turn-key events for our clients which have generated as much as $75,000 per Teleseminar or webinar. We also provide marketing and consultation services for people who produce their own events.

How much – Our production fees range from $2,500 to $10,000. We will pay you 15% for any client you refer.

What others have to say – “I’ve worked with Marty for more than a dozen online events during the past 3 years.  He is an exceptional speaker and moderator. He keeps the audience engaged with a professional approach and a great sense of humor throughout any situation. I recommend Marty as a speaker, event moderator and marketing partner for any business that includes event marketing in its plans.
— Mary Miller

Marty Fahncke Speaking Making A Point


I speak on topics such as business, marketing, internet marketing, social media, infomercials, personal branding…and how to effectively combine all of the above.

Who – Any group of business owners, managers, executives, or marketers. This could include a trade association, chambers of commerce, private organization, marketing event, business networking groups, etc.

What – Keynote speeches, breakouts, panel moderator, teleseminars, etc.  More info here

How much25% of any speaking fees generated based on your recommendation.

What others have to say – “Wow! Marty is a breath of fresh air, and knows his stuff! He came prepared, gave a great presentation, and all the members were saying that Marty was the BEST speaker we have ever had. Pretty good for a group that has been around for about 30 years! I would highly recommend Marty for any presentations, or trainings you may have, you will not be disappointed. He delivers where most speakers fail, and keeps everyone interested.
— Tim Dinneen

Pile of money

How do you collect your money? – Simply make an “endorsed introduction” with me and the prospective client and I’ll take care of the rest. If you know of a company that needs to increase their revenue, needs help with their marketing, or is falling behind the curve when it comes to promoting their products online, connect them with me, and we’ll see if there is a fit.

Don’t want, or can’t accept a referral payment?  Some people tell me they can’t legally accept referral payments, or they simply don’t feel comfortable receiving compensation for referrals.  NO PROBLEM!  I can also show appreciation for your referrals by making a donation in your name to your favorite charity, providing you complimentary services or simply thanking you from the bottom of my heart.  🙂

Questions? Ready to make a referral now?  Then contact me by clicking HERE!

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to sending you some big referral checks!


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