Posted by: Marty Fahncke | April 20, 2009

Can you make money on Twitter?

Twitter is all the rage these days.  You pretty much can’t go a full day without hearing the word.  Even Oprah and Barbara Walters are jumping on the Twitter Train!

But what about the business use of Twitter?  Because of all this media attention, I find myself answering a variety of questions every day to my consulting clients who are using Twitter mostly for business. 

The #1 question I get asked is “Can a business really make money on Twitter?”

The answer is YES you CAN make money on Twitter!

Recently, the editor of Online Strategies (part of Electronic Retailer) magazine asked me to prove it. 

So I did. 

I found several case studies of proven, revenue generating activities happening right now on Twitter.   I’ve included three of the most interesting ones in the magazine article. 

Click here to read the “Talkin’ Twitter” article by downloading a free copy of Online Strategies (my article is on page 36).  

–> Electronic Retailer Online Strategies Spring 2009  (.pdf download)

Then let me know what you think. 

PS – Are you or somone you know also making money on Twitter?   If so, please share your story with the rest of us using the comments on this post.  Thanks!

PPS – Are you following me on Twitter?  If not, CLICK HERE to connect.


  1. That’s a great article Marty.

    I work with businesses every day – most of them are innovators. But, I usually get some strange looks whenever I mention Twitter as a business resource. I’m going to share your article (and the great case studies) with these clients.

    Thanks again,

    Steve Sponseller
    Intellectual Property Strategist

    • @Steve – Glad the article was helpful for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I have heard over and over that Twitter is the spot to begin making money with an business. Maybe and maybe not.

    What I believe is you have to give before you get. My intention is to eventually earn some money using Twitter. Before any of that happens, my goal is to connect from the heart with people and show how much I care first.

    • @Spencer — “…you have to give before you get”. THAT my friend, is exactly how you do it. With that philosophy, you’ll do just fine making money on Twitter!

  3. Those are all great case studies. For small businesses, maybe taking time to reach out to your followers and learning more about what/who they are can spark valuable leads.

    • @EllaBeePR – You are right on the money. Twitter is all about developing relationships. And knowing more about the other person, showing interest, and engaging in conversation is how you develop those relationships.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  4. Personally I think it is best used to support other platforms. I wouldn’t ever rely on Twitter alone as my monetization strategy. I’d simply leverage twitter to generate buzz and authority within my space.

    • @Mike W – I agree with you. I would never advocate Twitter as the ONLY way to market a business. It’s just one of many useful tools available.

  5. i downloaded the pdf and see no article all i see throught the pdf is mostly ads

    • @Kevin – Hmm, I just checked and everything seems to be working fine. The article is right on page 36. Sorry you were having difficulty.

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