Posted by: Marty Fahncke | June 11, 2008

10-15-15-800 phone number scam

Today I was calling a company on their toll-free number, when a message came on saying their “number had changed” and that I needed to “hang up and call 10-15-15-800 (101515800?) for National Toll-free Directory Assistance to get the correct number.”

Being the cautious type, I didn’t trust this was legitimate, so I Googled the number, and found out it is some sort of scam. (Click here to see the results from Google

If I HAD dialed that number, I would have been charged $5.00 for the directory assistance, or possibly much more according to some of the posts I found.

It turns out that I had mis-dialed one digit in the phone number I was calling and the number I mis-dialed was connected to this scam number.   When I actually dialed the correct number, I reached the company I was calling.  The classic “fat-finger” dialing mistake.

Lesson learned:  If this happens to you, DON’T dial the number!

Oh, and if you actually do need directory assistance, I’m still loving Google SMS…and it’s FREE!


  1. Wow — I had not heard of this trick yet. Thank you for sharing the info!

  2. I just retrieved my voicemail. One message told me that the terms of my mortgage had changed (it was the correct mortgage company) and to call an 800# and put in a code. The number didn’t recognize the code and said that the message must have expired and to call this 800#. What I got was a recording saying that the number had changed and I needed to call 10-15-15-800 to get the new number.

    wow… about capitalizing on the poor economy and using people’s fears to gain $5…

    how sad.

  3. Call 10 15 15 800 started billing me for “Administrative Services” via my Qwest telephone bill without any authorization. When I called Qwest they told me that they were required by FCC to pass these invoices on. When I asked the FCC about it they said I should talk to my State Consumer Protection Agency. When I contacted them they told me to contact the FCC, as this is a Federal matter.

  4. I recently was billed $9.92 on my Verizon bill by ILD
    for using ‘Calling 10’ which I never used or heard of.
    I called ‘calling 10’ 1-800-4084200 and ‘Brenda’ said they would refund the amount billed by check within 10 days. She just asked me the amount????
    I wonder if the check will bounce if I ever receive it. I looked this up online and found that
    calling 10 is a fraudulent outfit. Unfortunately I already paid my phone bill before I saw it.

  5. 10-10-15-800 is a scam through-and-through. I never called ANYTHING and was billed USD 7.14. I have everything blocked on my landline (incoming calls only) and use the phone book or the internet to find telephone numbers. I never dial nor allow others to dial anything more or less than a seven-digit local exchange call from my landline. These scum wanted to bill me for a directory assistance call that would never be made from this phone. (Directory assistance is for sub-literates.)

    These vermin will put charges on any bill for any number listed in the phone book for anything. If I encountered a 10-10-15-800 employee on the street I would beat the animal to a pulp and defend myself by arguing that these things are not human and ought not to be protected as such. And I’m someone that got my money back.

    Don’t pay them–ever, anything. No legitimate communications carrier will EVER penalize you for not paying these thieves and their kind. DON’T PAY THE PARASITE’S PORTION OF THE BILL. Just don’t–they’re thieves with which you have no binding contract.

    File complaints with your state’s utility commission, but DON’T PAY ANYTHING.

  6. Same thing for me. I called them and they wanted my address etc. I woudnt give it and deducted it from phone bill. I called the phone co. and they said they had lots of complaints about calling 10. Dont give calling 10 any information.

  7. My Centurylink phone bill got charges from ILD Teleservices Inc. This was after I had gotten a call from someone from Yellow Pages calling to ‘verify’ my address and phone number.
    I contacted my telephone company, Centurylink, about the charges, and they said they are not responsible for 3rd party billing. I asked for them to put a block all 3rd party billing. They said it usually blocks all, but may not block some — whatever that means.
    I called ILD Teleservices, who said they are just a billing company for a company called “Local Biz USA”. I called Local Biz USA and I demanded a refund of the unauthorized charges. I received a refund from a company called “Calling 10”.
    What’s up with so many different entities involved!?! Seems like quite a scam going on. I think maybe IRS ought to check this out.

  8. Thanks for going first. I got a 10-15-15-3000 message, smelled a rat–Yahooed the number and here I am a few years after you.

    • You are welcome Joel, glad I could help!

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