Posted by: Marty Fahncke | February 22, 2012

Thinking of hiring a “Social Media Expert”?

I just read an awesome post from Rick Webb called “Lay off the Social Media Experts”.  (The alternate headline when it hit my inbox this morning was “Why you should stop hating on social media consultants”, which I actually like better)

BetaBeat article about Social Media Experts by Rick Webb

The article contains some very good explanations why it usually doesn’t make sense to try doing Social Media all by yourself, and how outside experts can be a tremendous asset to your business and marketing strategy.

Mr. Webb’s position can be boiled down to this one paragraph:

“First off, yes, it can seem silly for someone to go charge a small business to help them set up a Facebook page or a Tumblr or a Twitter. I mean, I guess by the same logic lawn mowers, dog walkers, hairstylists and house cleaners are mockable positions too. I mean, I can do all of these things. There are people who are better at it than me. Why not have them do it and do something better with my time?”

Read the entire article HERE (Opens in new window)

After reading the article, you will see in the comments that the second one is from a Scott Kidder, who says “The problem with “Social Media Experts” is that they generally aren’t experts . . . Alas, real Social Media Experts are few and far between.”

I totally agree.

If you DO decide to hire a “social media expert”, be sure they really are an expert, and not someone who played Farmville on Facebook all day so they lost their job, and they are now hanging out a shingle as a “Social Media Consultant”.   Believe me, these types are out there.  BE CAREFUL.

What perspective do I have to back up my opinion? Well, I’ll tell you, but to do so please allow me to blow my own horn just a bit:

  • As a Kansas City social media consultant who works with clients all across the United States, I have a proven track record of success in marketing and promotion utilizing tried and true methods, as well as cutting edge technology and media channels.  These campaigns have resulted in revenues exceeding $1 Billion for my clients and employers.
  • I’ve been using Social Media for my own business since 2004
  • Since 2007 I have been engaged in actually GENERATING REVENUE through Social Media marketing on behalf of companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  (That’s 5 years folks!)
  • As a professional speaker, I’m a recognized thought leader in the area of Online Marketing and Social Media, and I’m frequently quoted in the press as an expert in the space.
  • I have been utilizing LinkedIn since 2004, generating over $2 million in revenue from this one channel alone.  I currently have 52 recommendations on my profile, each one from  someone I’ve actually helped in their business. Click HERE to check it out

Bottom line: If the “Expert / Consultant” you are thinking about hiring can beat that background, hire them.  If not, contact me here and I’ll help you out.


  1. Great details, Marty! And yes, you for sure are a master at social media and business. Looking at your qualifications in just this area alone, it makes sense for companies to seriously consider the background and ROI their prospective consultants have already generated in the marketplace for their existing clients.

    • Thanks for your kind words Felicia!

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