Posted by: Marty Fahncke | February 13, 2012

Anatomy of a high traffic blog article

“How do I get more traffic to my blog?” is a question I get several times per week.

My usual response: “Consistently write interesting, and compelling content. You should be blogging several times per week, at least”

“But what can I possibly blog about? I can’t think of anything good” is the standard retort from the audience.

If you’ve asked that question yourself, here is one strategy that is VERY effective:

Identify the HOT topic of the day, then write your own spin about it.


Today, February 13th, 2012 the whole world is talking about Adele. Adele holding six Grammy's It’s a great story with her 6 Grammy wins, and her heart-stopping live performance after having vocal cord surgery. The social media AND traditional media websites are lighting up with “Adele” everywhere you look.

But the Wall Street Journal’s Michaeleen Douclefff found a unique twist in the topic, focusing on how Adele’s song “Someone Like You” leverages scientific principles to elicit a strong emotional response. The article, entitled “Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker” outlines why so many people (yes, including me) are filled with emotion when listening to this haunting song.

The article is a very interesting read.

But this is what I find even more interesting; TWO DAYS after the initial publishing of this article, it’s the #1 most popular on the Wall Street Journal website. Why? Because it’s gone viral.

Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker ranked #1

Top articles on Wall Street Journal 2/13/2012

Mr. Doucleff didn’t just write another “Adele is a great singer” article like so many others out there. Instead, he found a unique and compelling twist on a huge story, and now he’s getting worldwide attention on the piece he wrote.

So how about you? What is the unique perspective you can add to a current event or topic that people will find useful, interesting, or entertaining?


  1. Best singer ever, she deserves all of the awards!

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