Posted by: Marty Fahncke | February 10, 2012

Seeing a lot of crap in your Facebook stream? Try a Social Colonic

A new website just launched called Your Social Colonic that promises to analyze the posts of all your Facebook friends and identify which ones are “toxic”.

I’ve been slowly and strategically reducing the number of connections I have on my personal Facebook, favoring instead to have most of my connections through my business Facebook page. So I figured doing a “Social Colonic” was worth a few minutes to help me clean up my friends list.

The website took about 5 minutes to run my report, which was fine because I had it going in the background and kept working while it was doing it’s thing.

Social Colonic Screenshot

Screenshot of part of my actual Social Colonic report (Click to embiggen)

The report was a little surprising, because it identified some of my most favorite people as “most toxic”. I’m really not sure if that’s a condemnation of the Social Colonic service or my choice in friends. 🙂

It broke up my friends into different categories, such as “Johnny Stalker”, “Hitch-liker”, “Emo Therapists” and “Self-Likers”. Through these breakdowns, I found a couple of people that I determined I should disconnect from.  CLICK! Gone.

The most useful part of the report for me was the “Total Profanities Detected” section, which showed me who was peppering my stream with unnecessary vulgarity. (Yes, I do believe there can be necessary vulgarity at times) Anyway, ZAP!, they’re outtahere.

Overall, Your Social Colonic wasn’t quite as amazing as I had hoped it would be, but it wasn’t totally lame either. I think it’s worth taking 5 minutes to check it out, so click the logo below to get started . . .

Social Colonic Logo

Have fun! (And please be sure to leave a comment below if you learn anything interesting from running YOUR report)


  1. Interesting tool, Marty! Like you, I was surprised that the majority of the users who came up as “toxic” were among my closest friends. And one of my “Swear Bears” was my nephew who recently graduated from college — and whom I’ve had to remind that potential employers do check you out on Facebook 🙂

    Also, I wish their descriptions of the different categories were a little more straightforward. I’m a marketing geek and totally get the cleverspeak thing, but I had to read a few of them more than once to grasp what they were talking about. You get a “needs improvement” on usability, SC!

    But a very interesting exercise — thanks again for sharing!

  2. I have tried for a few days to get it to work. It never finishes. Any tips?

    • Lisa – I had to run it twice to get it to work, but it certainly didn’t take a few days. My tip? Forget about it, it’s not that critical. 🙂

  3. I ran it once and came up clean. Ran again and came up with 1% toxic. All of these were people that had over 2500 friends. Wondering if the number of subscribers has anything to do with the toxic category?

    • Cathy, perhaps it’s just that people with a lot of friends are also quite active, so they are more likely to post something considered “toxic” by the report.

  4. Marty-

    I somehow stumbled across your Kincaid post during a KSD image search on google (that’s some great seo tagging)! This blog title caught my eye and made me laugh! I plan on using this as soon as I get home. Thank you for sharing. Leslie Caldwell

    • Hi Leslie, thanks for commenting! Hope the Social Colonic works for you. It seems to be having trouble for some people. Anyway, not sure how KSD and Kinkade match up from an SEO perspective, but it doesn’t surprise me that you found this blog from an image. A huge percentage of my search traffic actually comes from image tagging . . . something many website owners don’t even know about. 🙂

  5. Marty-
    What is image tagging?

    • Awesome question Bo! You’ve just given me a great topic for my Midweek Momentum webinar this week. Register at to get your answer. 🙂

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