Posted by: Marty Fahncke | November 14, 2011

Kenny the (hilarious) cleaner salesman…and what we can learn from him

Check out this video of an AWESOME door to door salesman…


Whew!  I sure wish Kenny was working for me!  Why?  Because he’s doing a lot of things right.  For example…

  • Making the customer smile
  • Using great product demos
  • Leveraging “social proof” by talking about all the neighbors who already purchased
  • Asking for the order again and again until he gets it…but never pissing off the prospect while doing so
  • Selling (what appears to be) a quality product that does what it claims
  • Using lots of mnemonics (ie “Don’t panic, it’s organic”) to make it easy for the prospect to understand and remember the benefits of the product

I know I learned a lot and was reminded of even more by watching this video of a master salesman.  Are any of these things good reminders for you as you tell others about your products and services?

Please comment below and let me know what you learned from Kenny the door to door salesman…


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  2. […] his blog, Marty Fancke commented that Kenny was doing lots of things right. He appreciated Kenny’s ability to make […]

  3. I don’t know where this was UTubed from but I do believe that they are all trained like that. The one salesman in this area is exactly the same. They definately are funny. We could all use a few more people like that. I can’t buy the product, but if I could…I would buy it from these guys. They are very entertaining.

  4. Where can you hire salesman like this? and how are they paid?

    • That’s a great question Jeffrey. I’m not really sure. Any other readers know the answers to Jeffrey’s questions?

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