Posted by: Marty Fahncke | April 18, 2011

Share one simple idea, win ThinkBIG tickets worth $458!

I’m honored to announce that for the second year in a row, I’ve been invited to speak at ThinkBig Kansas City, the Premier Conference for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Startups.   I’m excited to be on stage following Bill Rancic, who is the winner of the very first “Apprentice” with Donald Trump. ThinkBIG Kansas City Logo

I’m doing a presentation titled: “From Aha to Cha-Ching – 5 Simple Ways to Monetize Your Idea Online and On TV” and I’m looking  for your help.

But I’m not asking you to help for nothing…nope, I’ve got a few things to offer in return!

Here is what I need… please supply YOUR best tip, idea or strategy that fits the description of my session.  What are the simple ways you recommend for someone to go from idea to actually making money as fast as possible online or on TV?

Here is what I’m offering for your help:

#1  EVERY person who submits an idea will be entered into a drawing for TWO (2) FREE tickets to ThinkBIG Kansas City.  That’s a $458 value!  Simply us the “Comment” section below to submit your idea, and your name will go into the drawing.  (Drawing will be held Friday, April 22nd, so don’t delay!)

#2  For every submitted idea that I use in my presentation, I will give you full credit with your name, company name and website URL embedded in the slide.  That’s free exposure to hundreds of top business people and thought leaders!  PLUS, I will publicly credit you and give you a link right on this blog.

That’s it!  It’s very simple really.  Just take a moment to share your idea, and win two free tickets to ThinkBIG worth $458!

PS – Do you already have your tickets for ThinkBIG?  Enter anyway, you an always share the ones you win with a client or colleague.

PPS – The deadline is April 22nd, so submit your idea right now while it’s fresh on your mind!


  1. Congratulations for being asked to speak – sounds like a great event! When is it? And how do we submit an idea?

    • Laurie – Thank you! The event takes place May 24th…and you submit your idea by simple posting to the comment section here on this blog! (Can can also send it to me privately if you would prefer)

  2. Congratulations on being asked to speak at ThinkBig! I’m a new follower on your site and raising business minded person. I’ve actually decided to try your midweek momentum this wednesday, I want to see what I can learn to help me build the business I want to do! I’m late in commenting some ideas but wanted to share the little I have seen that has worked for me. No doubt you might already know them though! I’m starting from the ground up with my business so there has been some struggles, however I’ve noticed that persistency has been a key to seeing clientele build. I do half online and half offline on my business. You see I’m a designer and had to figure out what best would get me clientele while competing against thousands of others. Here are some of the things I’ve done: First I had to learn about my community I moved to. Every community is different and they all seem to have their very own culture! I found about every store, company, and business that provided what I wanted to eventually opening up to the community. Basically I researched and not just browsed. I compared prices, the things each was willing to do and even ordered some stuff from a few to get an idea of the type of deliveries they presented. I needed to have a personal experience to know what my community lacked and what I could offer myself to feel in the gap and what I needed to do to stand out. I instantly new what I could give the community and how much better I could give the community a good buying experience. #2. It’s simple; always have a business card! I feel embarrassed saying it but there has been times I realized I didn’t have enough business cards to pass around. #3. I’ve dived in to the online world by going to sites that provide stock images/videos that NOT only sell those things but provide a chance for you to sign up and post your own material and sell. Some sites will sell your material at low prices while others much higher. I choose what I’m willing to sell at each site for the amount of money, the best part is you can post your personal blog, url, or website if someone wants to know more about your designs and where they could get more. People DO research about you if they are interested. They contact me and always ask for more, so having valuable information about your business online and how people can reach you and know more about you IS important. I hadn’t taken that into consideration before and when I first started I noticed when I didn’t have that information I lost precious clientele I could have kept had I had blog or something they could have gone to. #4. Word of mouth or just wear your business on you! I’ve seen work flow grow when word of mouth about what I do goes around, and that only happens when a person has a great buying experience. Since switching gears in focusing on communication between clients and myself DURING a project it’s amazing how THEY become my “tv commurcials”. Clients not just want a good product, they want a great experience too. If the communication experience is great, and even if another company may spring up saying they can do better, I have faithful customers now who rather come to me. That’s where the “wearing” comes in. Because I’m a designer I have people asking if I have a brand I sell on clothing. Little bill board signs walking around town doing all the work for you, it’s great! #5. Last thing that has helped me ‘spring’ into action is remembering to take a day or half a day in the week to stop…and let my body and mind rest/drain/recharge. I saw when I didn’t do this regrate on Monday would sink in for not taking a day off and knowing a new week of work had started. I work long hours and I’m sure any business owner has been there before after a 13+ hour shift. Since I started to make sure of taking that day or half day of rest for myself, family, or whatever suits me, I feel my battery fill up and I’m even excited about starting work. A long comment but a little insight of what I’ve noticed in my small business. Besides since YOU became a client of mine through an online website by letting me make a video for you, I chose to research about you and what you do. Networking is great.

    • Tania,
      What a fantastic response! Thank you very much for your hard work in putting it together. there are some very good tips in here.

      If you can make it to Kansas City on May 24th, the tickets to the event are yours!

      Please contact me directly using the form on this site to let me know if you can use the the tickets.

      If you can’t use them, then please provide me your website URL so that I can promote your business during my speech and elsewhere.

      Thanks again!

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