Posted by: Marty Fahncke | March 2, 2011

How To Use Webinars And Teleseminars To Promote Your Business

Individuals and businesses alike are often starved for knowledge.    To quench this thirst for information, many turn to the online world of webinars and teleseminars to get more information on specific subjects and issues.    At the same time, businesses are looking for new ways to promote their products and services.

Webinars  and  teleseminars  provide a bridge between those who need more information on a product or service and those who have the product or service to sell.

Here are some important reasons to use  webinars  and teleseminars  to promote a business:

  • Easy setup
  • Access to participant email and contact information for follow up
  • Questions can be answered during or after the event
  • Choice of slide show, audio, video, or a combination are available  Relatively low cost compared to other types of marketing events

There are a variety of ways to structure the event to promote the business.    Some techniques include:

  • “How to” presentation
  • Industry statistics and trends
  • Live demo of the product or service
  • Basic question and answer
  • Story-telling
  • New solution for an old problem
  • Use of a moderator and/or guest speakers to add variety

Businesses can join existing  webinar and teleseminar events through online industry events.   For example, the manufacturing industry regularly hosts weekly and monthly online events to help their association members learn more about new products, new regulations, or safety training.    Also, businesses can set up their own webinar or teleseminar and promote the event through the business website, email newsletters, or via social media like Twitter or Facebook .

Provide a means for participants to pre-register so the business has a ready-to-use contact list for follow up.    The business should do a follow up notification to registered attendees one week before the event and the day prior to the event.    The event should not last more than one hour including questions and answers.

After the event, businesses should not underestimate the importance of follow up.   Participants who asked questions should have a follow up to make sure the questions were properly addresses.    Other participants should be qualified to determine if they are viable prospects to turn over as sales leads.   Attendees should be polled for feedback so that future events can be adjusted to better address the participant needs.    And finally, even persons who registered but did not attend should be polled to determine what other options could be offered in the future.

Live Meeting is one of the leading providers of online webinar and teleseminar  services.    Other companies include  Gotowebinar and Dim Dim.  Often the internet or voice service provider for the business has webinar /teleseminar capabilities as a supplemental offering.

As business leaders continue to suffer from packed schedules and limited time, the use of online seminars has become a valuable way to get in front of potential customers and promote new business opportunities.    Companies of all sizes should seriously consider using this proven method to get a foot in the door with potential customers.

(This post was guest-written by Karen Neal, an expert in the Marketing category at

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  1. hi marty,
    i have a great webinar ready to go next week. i am finding the hardest challenge to get the word out to market it. any tips?
    i am using social media, professional organizations, email newsletter and video.
    hope all is well,

    • Hi Anne! Great to hear from you.

      I’ve found the #1 way to drive traffic to PAID webinars is through affiliates. Find and recruit great affiliates in your niche and pay a good commission, and it will do your business wonders.

      For free events, social media works great as long as you have at least 300 connections. For some reason I’ve seen that is the magic number. (List it as an “Event’ on Facebook and LinkedIn). Also, list your event in directories such as Conference Call University ( and Teleseminar Nation (

      For additional help, be sure to join me for the Midweek Momentum webinar, where I can answer your questions and show you resources in real time:

      Hope that helps!

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