Posted by: Marty Fahncke | February 4, 2011

Funny video – “What is the internet”

This is the second Friday in a row I’ve found something worthy of posting that’s both funny and internet/technology/marketing related.  I’m thinking of doing something every week, like a “Funny Friday” sort of thing.  What do you think?

Anywho, I just cracked up at this video from 1994, where the cast of the “Today” show had no idea what the internet was…or what the “@” symbol was called!



  1. It was a very fun video to watch. Sadly, NBC fired the employee who posted it. Apparently, they’re not laughing.

    • They fired him? That’s crazy!

  2. Yep, article here

  3. Dear lord … these are the gatekeepers to NBC and the news? Holy moly cannoli.

  4. Pretty funny Marty, indeed. It appears that a lot of things have progressed since then, including their makeup artists work. Katy K was as brown as Gumble. Too bad about the firing. I guess they all figured out what the internet was and didn’t like it.

  5. Nice find Marty. What did we all do all day back then?

    Reminds me of the (alleged) quotation of the Head of the UK Postal Service on being asked about the invention of the telephone:
    “The Americans can have all the telephones they like – the telephone will never catch on in the UK – we have plenty of messenger boys……”

    And what was the Bill Gates one……. ?

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