Posted by: Marty Fahncke | January 31, 2011

Online business ideas needed

I’m working on a project and trying to put together a list of all of the Legitlegitimate ways to make money online for entrepreneurs/home based businesses.

Here is the initial list I came up with:

1. Information Marketing – eBooks, Teleseminars, webinars
2. Affiliate Marketing – ClickBank, Click2Sell, Amazon, etc
3. Auction sales – Ebay and Amazon
4. Print on Demand / Mass customization – CafePress, Zazzle
5. Handmade items – Etsy
6. Virtual Assistant
7. Freelance Services (Designer, programmer, web development, etc) –
8. Freelance Writer
9. Blogger
10. Subject matter expert – Ether, LivePerson, JustAnswer

I know I’m missing a bunch, but not sure what.  Can you please help me out? Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated!

(Please use the “Comments” below to add your two cents.  Thanks again!)


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Marty M. Fahncke, ArtistTaraReed. ArtistTaraReed said: RT @fawnkey: I'm compiling a list of LEGITIMATE online business opportunities. Your ideas would help – (Thank you!) […]

  2. Social media marketing, helping people with Twitter, Facebook…
    Digital Video for You Tube, Ads and Making of How To Videos for people with sites

  3. Webhosting itself. It’s not an easy business from what I’m told, but it’s a business.

    • Bill, that’s a new one for me. Do you really know people who are doing webhosting as a home business? If so, could you please connect me with them so I can learn more? Thanks.

  4. Online sales is one aspect of a Historical Research Center business. We provide a website for new business owners to start with and many develop their own attractive sites to build an online marketing store. For some this is their sole approach to this interesting business which has a solid niche in the heritage field. Others combine online with a live retail presence. We provide the origin, meaning and history of family names and this is found to be popular with amateur family tree searchers. Our databases and library covers millions of family names.

    • Mick, thanks for chiming in. So how would you classify this type of business? Is it franchise? Drop ship? How would one explain this to a person with zero internet marketing experience? Or would it even make sense to do so?

  5. Basically it’s eCommerce – a store selling heritage items on the web. What sets it apart from regular eCommerce is that these products are not widely found in retail stores, etc. When people search for names and genealogy they tend to do so online and that is how we come to their attention. On the other hand, when they do find us in regular retail we tend to be perceived as unique and stand out from the crowd – the gift that is different. It’s not a franchise and our customers can buy as little or as much volume as they wish – neither are there restrictive rules, so they can apply their own creativity. In regard to the online store that we provide, it is all set up with a shopping cart, we collect the orders and produce and drop ship the products. I’m not sure this gives us the classification you asked for, so maybe we need to create one – any ideas?

    • OK, so that would sort of be a drop ship business. Or perhaps a turn-key e-commerce business. Hmm. Anyway,thanks for the input! I’ll be in touch with you later on, as I have an idea you may fit well into the project I’m currently working on.

      • OK – sounds good. Let me know if I can help in any other way too.

  6. Part of number 1 – not sure if its captured or not.

    Online training/education. Create video, audio, e-books, handouts of something you know that is valuable to others. Use clickbank to help market by giving away an e-book or for some nominal cost as a way to cross-sell your online training.

  7. SEO – sure, a very mature component of online, but still a business. Local SEO seems to really be taking off now.

  8. for product designers, checkout This is very cool.

  9. Add this one – You can earn by influencing the development of simple consumer products, just by evaluating ideas, adding your own or voting on others’ ideas. They sell products all over the US in BBB, HSN, Amazon etc. Go check it out!

    • Quirky looks like an interesting site. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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