Posted by: Marty Fahncke | June 16, 2010

Is your name taken?

Way back in the earlier days of the internet, there was a mad rush to secure domain names / URL’s for businesses.  “Cybersquatters” swooped up millions of them and held them hostage from brand and business owners until some regulation came to the scene and helped straighten some of that out.  (But not all of it)

For many who waited and didn’t secure their company name, brand name, registered trademark, or even their personal name, the opportunity to own their desired URL vanished forever.  OR, they had to pay large amounts of money to resellers to get the name they wanted.

Don’t let the same thing happen to you with the new social media platforms that are forming.  For most people and businesses, their online presence is stronger on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter than it is for their own website.  So, do you have your name secured?

Most social networks allow you to customize your URL to make it unique to you.  For example, you can change your Facebook URL to read  My personal Facebook URL is

I recently learned about a very cool tool which allows you to check your name availability on just about every social network and online presence site known to man with just one click.  (Big thanks to Jessica Walden <@CHISocialMedia> for bringing this to my attention!)

It’s called NameCHK.

NameChk screen shot

Simply enter your desired name, click “CHK”, and PRESTO!  A complete report on where your name is taken, and where it’s still available.

Go there now and lock up your online brand…before someone else does.



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  2. This is a very infomartive post. You made some good points especially when you indicated that learning is important

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