Posted by: Marty Fahncke | May 13, 2010

Personal Branding – What’s your best advice?

In just over a week, I’m delivering a speech called “Building and Leveraging Your Personal Brand For Freelance Success” in Kansas City  (Register here)

Personal Branding with Marty M. Fahncke

I have about 80% of the presentation done, but wanted to open the doors and let you, my brilliant blog readers have a hand in finishing it up.

Please use the “comments” section to share your best tip, idea, strategy, tool, or resource about Personal Branding that would be of interest to the audience.  Of course, if I use your idea, you will be given full attribution during the presentation.

To get you started on what I have so far, the description/outline I plan to present is as follows:


A logo is not a brand.

A brand is the perception of what will be delivered or experienced.  A brand is what your customers and prospects picture in their minds when they think of your business.   For most entrepreneurial businesses, when a customer thinks of your business brand, they think of YOU!   People don’t do business with a logo.  They do business with other people…people they know, like and trust.  That’s where your Personal Brand comes in to play.

As a freelance business owner, your business brand and your Personal Brand are undeniably linked.

Recently, speaker and Author Raj Setty had this to say on the Tom Peters blog:
“A Personal Brand is your promise to the marketplace and the world. Since everyone makes a promise to the world, one does not have a choice of having or not having a Personal Brand. Everyone has one. The real question is whether someone’s Personal Brand is powerful enough to be meaningful to the person and the marketplace.”

Join Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Speaker Marty M. Fahncke on Friday, May 21st at 11:30 AM for the Freelance Exchange of Kansas City monthly luncheon.  Marty will be sharing “Building and Leveraging Your Personal Brand For Freelance Success”

You’ll learn:

  • Why  “branding” is completely different for freelancers and small businesses than it is for big corporations
  • Why you already have a Personal Brand…even if you don’t know what it is (Your customers already know!)
  • Why it’s critical to understand and manage your Personal Brand
  • How to build a Personal Brand through speaking (and being spoken about) and through writing (and being written about)
    Secrets for using traditional media to build your brand
  • How Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help you build and leverage your Personal Brand
  • How a strong Personal Brand brings pre-qualified, ready-to-buy clients to your front door
  • How you can earn more money for the work you are already doing….just by building your Personal Brand
  • Tips to get started building and leveraging your Personal Brand immediately

Unless your business is over capacity and turning away clients, this session is a MUST ATTEND event.  Marty will show you how to dramatically increase your prospects, clients, and most of all, revenue.

That’s what I have so far.  What am I missing?  What great idea should I share?  What do you believe is the single most important piece of information this audience should learn?

Thanks for your help!


  1. The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a name, term, symbol, design or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service distinct from those of other sellers.

    Brand Imgages are the sum of all thoughts and feelings perceived by consumers

    A Brand Metaphor such as the term “a promise” is used to describe what a Brand is like.

    All in all, you communicate perfectly what really matters to freelancers and small businesses. Its all about reputation. “Take care of your reputation. It’s your most valuable asset.” – The Complete Life’s Little Instruction Book. Using today’s social media tools can make sure others know of your reputation. It becomes validated by people around the world that others instantly view as credible just because they are connected to similar networks. No longer do you have to wait for your neighbor, friend or family member to tell you about somone….you already made your mindup by reviewing their profile on Linkedin

    • @Mason – Thank you for stopping by and adding some valuable information to the conversation! You offer some good insight that I can integrate in to the presentation. Keep up the good work!

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