Posted by: Marty Fahncke | January 22, 2010

My super power: Great family and friends

Earlier today, I was working on a speaker bio/questionnaire that had been sent to me by the event organizer for a speaking engagement I have coming up.

One of the questions was “If you were a super hero, what would be your super power?”

I honestly had no idea what to put, so I posted the question to all the great people I’m connected with on Facebook and Twitter.  I figured a few of them would have some ideas…and I was right.

Lots of fun ideas ranging from the ability to fly to mind-reading to Batman’s utility belt were submitted.

But one thing took me by surprise.  Several people gave me ideas that were very heart-felt and personal, stemming from their knowledge of sme and our mutual relationship.  I was very humbled to read some of the responses, and they really made my day.

I’m posting some of them here for two reasons:
#1  As a “thank you” to each of the awesome people who lifted me up today
#2  So I will have all of these encouraging statements in one place, and the next time I’m feeling a bit low I can come back and read them for a personal pick-me-up.

From my Twitter friends:

@SophiaGracia – The power to help people smile or see the best in them. 🙂

@MichelleGillies – The power of “healing” hearts, minds & bodies

@Route53 – If you decide to speak in rhymes you could be Underdog! Remember Underdog was “Humble and Lovable”. Never Fear Marty is here

@KellieDiersman – You are able to laugh at yourself

From my Facebook friends:

Cherie Lynn Spehar – You know I am going to say ‘intuition’ 😉

Julie Mattock Degnan – Reading minds would mean you always knew exactly what your customers wanted 🙂

Lonnie Hampton – Photographic memory – You could be “Trivia Man!”

Via text and email:

Brandie Fahncke (My oldest daughter) – The ability to teleport, so you could bring your family with you to places, and have them home in time for school.

Michael Walshe – Captain Contact: So many of your posts contact people with knowledge on a variety of subjects.  While at the same time you create the means to contact the people providing that knowledge.

Thank you ALL for your kind words…you have no idea how much they have helped me today!  Also, a big thank you to Herb Sih, organizer for the Think Big Kansas City conference, who sparked this interaction by asking the question in the first place.  (If you are in KC, click HERE to learn more about this great event!)


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