Posted by: Marty Fahncke | March 28, 2009

The toughest Web 2.0 guy I know

Are you frustrated, stuck, or feeling like you can’t do something you REALLY want to do because of circumstances beyond your control?

I feel that way a lot myself. 

However, I just watched a very moving video which really helped me get over it. 

If you’re willing to step a bit outside your comfort zone and see that things probably aren’t as tough as you think, keep reading…

On a recent episode of Showtime’s “This American Life”, the spotlight was on a guy named Michael Phillips…and he’s really quite amazing. 

You see, Michael has a degenerative disease which steals precious pieces of his life.  First he lost his ability to walk.  Then move his arms freely.  Then breathe without assistance.  Soon, he could not eat, talk, type, etc.  It’s a terrible, body wrenching disease this guy has.  

Like me, Michael is a blogger, and he’s on Twitter (@wholeexpanse). 

Unlike me, he is forced by his disease to compose each Tweet and blog post one slow character at a time by painstakingly clicking ONE THUMB on a single button, moving a curser around a screen.   I type about 50 words a minute.  Michael types about 2 characters per minute.  But that doesn’t stop him from doing it.   (He doesn’t TRY to do the things he loves, he actually DOES them.)

No, this isn’t meant to be a “motivational” video.  It’s just a story about one guy, and how he lives his life.  But I found it very motivational nonetheless. 

So please, take 25 minutes out of your busy life, and watch the incredible “This American Life” episode about Michael Phillips by clicking PLAY in the box below. (Fast forward to 5 minutes 15 seconds in to save time by skipping the intro piece)
(Notice:  Rated TV-14)

After viewing, please leave a comment on this blog post to let me know what you think.

I hope after watching this, you won’t let ANYTHING stop you from the success you deserve!

(PS – For all my business readers…notice how Michael is making things happen by OUTSOURCING!  No matter who you are, you can’t do it all by yourself!)


  1. Quite a guy. Certainly makes you appreciate all that you have and put into proper perspective whatever “struggles” you may be going through. The phrase “mind over body” comes to mind.

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