Posted by: Marty Fahncke | February 10, 2009

Marketing with online video

With your very best “Cliff Clavin from Cheers” accent say the following:

“It’s a little known fact…”

…that I’ve been involved in leveraging video online since 2000…which is five years BEFORE YouTube even existed!

Back then, we were taking infomercials, editing them down to 3-5 minute clips, and posting them on our website for the purpose of selling product.  Everyone thought we were nuts.  Until sales went up 35% as a result!

Marketing using online video

Marketing using online video

Suffice it to say in the past nine years of using online video for marketing, training, customer service, and promotional purposes, I’ve learned a thing to two. 

Last month, I shared some of that knowledge at the Affiliate Summit conference by moderating the panel “Lessons Learned in Using Video for Affiliates”

This month, my feature article “Don’t Let Your Video Languish” appears in Electronic Retailer magazine.   This article is focused primarily for DRTV/Infomercial companies, but I believe there are some great ideas for ANY company on how to use video effectively in their marketing strategy.

CLICK HERE to check out the article, then come back to this post and use the “comments” to let me know what you think.


  1. Marketing with an online video is increasing rapidly as it makes a large difference to your website and occupation.

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