Posted by: Marty Fahncke | December 10, 2008

My latest information product with Alex Mandossian

In 2005, I registered to attend a professional speaking conference put on by Mark Victor Hansen. 

Shortly after I registered, I received a CD in the mail with “21 tips to get maximum value” from the event.  The information on the CD was co-presented by Mark Victor Hansen, and some guy I’d never heard of named Alex Mandossian. 

The CD was a wealth of absolute GOLD information.  It contained precise steps to take before, during, and after the live conference to get the most value for the (substantial) money I had just spent.

I listened to that recording twice, and implemented all of the 21 tips…and it seriously changed the way I consumed not only that conference, but every conference I’ve attended since.   Bottom line, it made me a lot of money.

For some, going to a conference or an event is a “boondoggle”, where the main purpose is to get out of the office and have a little fun.  Not for me.  As the owner of my own business, every event or training I choose to attend must have a measurable and positive ROI.  

Fast forward three years, and Alex Mandossian has become my mentor, business partner, and friend. 

So when he was preparing his 2008-2009 Teleseminar Secrets course (of which I am an alumni), I asked Alex why he didn’t have a “21 tips” product of his own?  He really didn’t have a good answer…I think it was one of those “smack the forehead” moments for him!

So, to correct the problem, I worked with Alex recently to create “21 Tips to Get Maximum Value from Teleseminar Secrets or ANY OTHER Virtual Training”. 


Alex then took the recording and gave it to Pat and Lorna over at Spectacular Presentations, and they did a bang-up job making it a very professional audio/visual program.

Even if you haven’t attended/aren’t planning to attend the Teleseminar Secrets training, this program has great info you can use for any virtual training course such as teleseminars, webinars, virtual coaching, and more. 

Check it out by clicking HERE

And please, let me know what you think by leaving a comment on this post, ok?


  1. This is great content! Listened to your “before” tips 1-6 before last Monday’s Teleseminar Secrets course call. It helped me get organized. Thank you, thank you! As a bonus, this morning, I printed your notes for the session … Then, I saw your blog post with a little history of its development. I appreciate your contribution! This is a great resource for “any virtual training course” … as you mention. 2 big thumbs up!!

  2. @Phil — Glad you saw benefit in the information! Best of luck with TSS, and be sure to let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out.

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