Posted by: Marty Fahncke | November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, so that’s what I’m going to do:


Thank you to YOU, my blog visitor and subscriber who is bombarded with a million media messages and information outlets every day, yet you have graciously given me a few minutes of your time and attention a couple of times per week.   I appreciate you.

Thank you to the tens of thousands of others who also visit here.    I’m still blown away so many people are interested in what I have to say.  You rock!

Thank you to all of my online friends at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Every day you help me learn, grow, build my business, and enrich my life.  It’s amazing that a boy from “the wrong side of the tracks” has grown up to have thousands of friends around the world. 

Thank you to all of my offline friends at First Baptist Deaf Church, Toastmasters, Sertoma, Scouts, and other places I like to hang out.  Without you, I would never leave my desk!

Thank you to my family.  It’s a crazy, mixed up family but I love all of my kids, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, steps, halfs, in-laws, out-laws, and “estrangeds”.   (And I’m pretty sure they all love me.)

Thank you to my clients, vendors, employees and partners:  BizKidz, Thomas KinkadeGet HunnicuttDRG, What’s Working Now, Teleseminar Secrets, Barbara, Brandie, Jan Peterson, Electronic Retailer Magazine, Euro RSCG, and many more.  (Sorry if I missed you!  Email me if I forgot your name and I’ll add it to the list)

Thank you to my MasterMind groups for your help, support, and open minds.

Finally, the most important… thank you to God, for giving me a unique and (some would say) bizarre set of talents and skills which allow me to earn a living doing what I love.   I’m pushing 40, and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but in the meantime, I’m doing great and having fun in my career. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Marty!

    It is good to have one day in a year designated for the expression of gratefulness. We do not have one here in Malaysia. But I am always in the mood for gratefulness. Hope you don’t mind me joining in. Your president, Abraham Lincoln is so wise!

    The world would be less chaotic, it would be a more peaceful place if each one of us has the awareness in him that there are plenty for which he should be thankful for.

    Gratefulness gives us contentment and peace of mind. These two qualities help reduce our stress level which helps greatly in keeping us healthy.

    To remind myself of my good fortune, I have drawn up a list for my daily expression of giving thanks.

  2. @novice101 — Thank you very much for the kind Thanksgiving wishes all the way from Malaysia.

    Your list of things to be thankful for is great, and I hope all of my readers will click over to your blog and check it out.

    Have a great day!

  3. And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you Marty. I hope it was a most enjoyable day. One of the great things about our world today is its “connectedness.” A little over two years ago I received an email from a
    “” informing me that I could list my webinar on Conference Call University’s calendar for free.

    Several months later I invited you to joint venture with us in producing and marketing Herschell Gordon Lewis’s copywriting webinar. The rest, as they say, is history. In short, I gained a new friend and a great business partner.

    I am thankful for our relationship and friendship and wish you and your family and loved ones all the blessings of the season, full of joy, prosperity and good health.

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