Posted by: Marty Fahncke | November 24, 2008

Forgive me while I toot my own horn

This blog is (usually) about cool marketing, business and customer service ideas I observe and want to share with my readers.  Thus the name “My Perspective” since it’s my perspective on things I see and experience. 

Recently, I read about an interesting customer service situation on a blog belonging to John DiPietro…I guess you could say it’s “His Perspective”.   The subject of his post was about turning what could have been a huge disaster into a positive experience.  The funny thing was, he was talking about me…and I didn’t even realize it at first!   Out of privacy concerns, he didn’t use names in his blog, so it took me a minute for it to sink in that the event he was using as an example of good customer service was a webinar I produced last week. 

After talking with John, (and thanking him for noticing our hard work) I gave him permission to use my name in his post (no need to protect the innocent or the guilty here!), and am now sharing his post called “Staying Calm, and Being Cool!” with you…

Lest you think I’m doing this ONLY to stroke my own ego…let me just say that I believe it’s important to celebrate your own successes, so I’m sharing this one with you.   Thanks for bearing with me.



  1. Absolutely you should toot your horn on this one! I also attended that particular webinar and thought you handled a situation beyond your control with directness and aplomb. Bravo!

    And you better believe that I will be telling others about

  2. @Linda — Wow…I’m honored by your kind words. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Congratulations on a job well done! Celebrating success is integral to the business experience. You obviously made the audience feel both comfortable and happy, and that shows your depth of concern, your integrity and that truly good businesses care! Great job – celebrate and enjoy.

    Your post did not scream – “LOOK, I’m great!” it shared a celebration story of at least one, and I am certain many more, who recognized your initiative. It sang “Wow, thanks for caring, I want to share my excitement!”

    Kudos, Marty, keep up the great work!

  4. @strategicsenseinc — Thanks for stopping by my blog, and your words of support!

  5. Nothing wrong with “tooting your own horn” Marty. What’s that line in the Bible? Something about not hiding your light under a bushel basket. It was a great demonstration of “grace under pressure” by you that not only led to a fast and effective recovery from the technical hitch…but also attracted an inquiry from a prospective top-tier client.

  6. @Ernest Nicastro — Thank Ernie, but all the”grace” I may have displayed to the public would not have done any good without you behind the scenes working to get things back on track technically.

    It’s all about teamwork, and I appreciate your efforts and your partnership in producing this and many other events in the future.

  7. Marty,,,,still getting hits on my blog from your blog post back in Nov. Go figure!

    Lets do some more gigs together.

    • Yep, my blog readers are a loyal bunch! It always amazes me how some of my other posts continue to be so popular. Glad you are getting traffic. And a big THANK YOU to my readers!

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