Posted by: Marty Fahncke | November 14, 2008

Dear Marty, please don’t ignore me. Love, your blog


Dear Blog,

I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you.  No, I haven’t left you for Twitter (although it may seem that way some days.)

I’ve just been busy.  VERY busy.

What have I been up to?  Just a quick run-down:

  1. Unveiling the “non-beta” version of  While we’ve been in beta, we’ve made hundreds of technical changes, process improvements, responses to customer service inquiries, and just general making the site much better.  (A big THANK YOU to our hundreds and hundreds of beta testers)
  2. Launching a new DRTV spot for Thomas Kinkade (3 weeks from idea to on the air, am I the man or what?)
  3. Promoting this months Conference Call University “What’s Working Now” webinar.  Topic:  Profiting from Social Media
  4. Working with Alex Mandossian to create a new “21 tips to get Maximum Value from Teleseminar Secrets” recording.  Also preparing to do a bit of marketing for this years Teleseminar Secrets course.
  5. Preparing to launch my “Ad-Hoc Consulting” service.  (More on that later)
  6. Planning, then cancelling a trip to Philadelphia.  Planning, then cancelling a trip to Memphis.  Planning a trip to San Jose. 

OK, five things may not seem like a lot, but each of these things has at least one hundred little things on the to-do list. 

Unfortunately, my precious blog, you often get neglected in all the madness. 

I promise to do better in the future. 

Forgive me?


  1. I only have one question – do you sleep???
    Congratulations on all your hard work and efforts. Going great guns and fitting in a Friday blog visit, too! Thanks!

  2. Okay…you’re forgiven. After all, Jesus says to forgive 70 times 7!

  3. @strategicsenseinc Sleep, what’s sleep? Oh wait, I remember…I’ll do that when I’m dead!

  4. @GayLyn Whew, that’s a relief!

  5. I know the feeling about lack of sleep lol I run a business in new York state , a start up and sleep is often late coming and all to short lol.

  6. @Ej — All part of the fun of being an entrepreneur. Good luck with your business! (Contact me directly if you need any help)

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