Posted by: Marty Fahncke | October 10, 2008

RIP: Circus Animal Cookies

With all the doom and gloom of the economy, I’ve managed to stay above the fray and not get too stressed about it.  Both of my companies are doing quite well, and as several of my positive-minded friends like to say “I refuse to participate in the current recession”.

But now something has happened which hits very close to my heart, and really drives the point home how bad things are. 

Mother’s Cookies, the 92 year old manufacturer of those pink and white staples of childhood…“Circus Animal Cookies” just announced they are going out of business.

Why?  Increased cost for materials, increased cost for fuel to distribute the product, and lack of available credit to meet payroll and continue operations.   Pretty much the story all the way around the world of business today.

Circus Animal Cookies

Circus Animal Cookies

This really bums me out. 

As a kid, Circus Animal Cookies always meant “Road Trip”.  I grew up without a lot of money, and with a nutritionally-minded mother, so store-bought treats were a rarity.    There were plenty of home-made treats (thanks Mom), but whenever I saw chocolate covered graham crackers or Circus Animal Cookies, it always meant we were packing the car for an adventure somewhere. 

Now, after 92 years, the cookies will just be a memory. 

Good-bye Circus Animal Cookies.   Your sweet goodness will live on forever in the taste buds of my childhood.



  1. Hi Marty,

    My memory is of the wonderful home baked bread and cimamon rolls when we were at Grandma’s at the end of that long road trip.

    She has been gone for a long time so I can see why you you want to say good-bye to your friends the Circus Animals.

    Warmest Regards,

    Edward Philipp

    ps Both of my companies are doing quite well, and as several of my positive-minded friends like to say “I refuse to participate in the current recession”. is exactly what I needed to read after listening to a combination of economic and political news in my car after depositing checks.
    Thanks for the reframe.

  2. @Edward – Glad I could bring back some fond memories for you…and that I could lighten your day from all the bad news. Keep positive!

  3. No! Not the pink and white animal cookies! Is there no justice in the world? But what’s all this about ‘childhood memories’? Am I the only one that’s eaten more of these cookies as an adult than as a kid? No wonder they went out of business.

  4. @WillOfTheWisp — That’s a good point. Perhaps if more adults ate them, the company could have stayed in business.

    I must say however, I did buy a final bag to commemorate the whole ordeal…and they were a little too sweet for my grown up taste buds!

  5. Say it isn’t so!!!!!!

    I was addicted to those babies… I thought the 12 step program worked, but I am having withdrawl symptoms…I can almost taste the cookies now!

    I am going to find a way to stock up on some — wonder if they will freeze?? Can you imagine, A freezer full of Circus Animal Cookies!!

  6. @Melody — I’ll bet they freeze pretty good. It’s worth a try anyway!

  7. I feel like I’ve missed out, I’ve never seen or heard of Circus Animal Crackers, just the run of the mill animal crackers in my life. Are they atleast selling the brand?

  8. @ben — Yep, you’ve missed out. I do know that some are still left in stores, so rush to your nearest grocery store and get a bag!

    As for the brand being sold…I hope so. There is almost 100 years of brand equity in that, and it would be a shame to let it die. However, I haven’t heard anything specific about it being sold.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. NO WAY! My daughter and I just looked for these a few days ago at Albertsons and thought maybe they just didn’t carry them anymore. Bummer. (I guess I need to keep up with the news 🙂

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