Posted by: Marty Fahncke | September 8, 2008

Can I borrow your kids?

For over a year now, I’ve been working with some great people to build a new website with the purpose of helping kids (age 7-15) learn business and entrepreneurial skills in a fun and engaging way…all while allowing them to earn REAL money!

This new site is, and it just launched in “beta test” mode!

I’m inviting my blog readers who have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, students, etc. in our target age group to help us “beta test” the new BIZKIDZ.COM site.  And I have a free gift worth $35.88 for them if they can help. 

What is a beta test?  Simply put, it is the process where people can help us find website problems, “bugs”, and areas which can be improved in our new website.  Anything you discover that you know might help make the website better…we at BIZKIDZ.COM headquarters want to hear about it!   

It is important that we hear from as many users (age 7-15) as possible.  Their opinion means a lot to us and is very valuable. Being a beta tester is great, because they get to help improve and create the features on the site which millions of people will see and use!

If you know any kids who would be interested in testing out the site, and getting a $35.88 gift for helping us out, please send them the link to this page.


If you agree to help us with our beta test, you will be among the first in the world to see BIZKIDZ.COM!

What you will agree to do is:

1.  Open a BIZKIDZ.COM store and customize it however you would like!

2.  Use all of the tools within BIZKIDZ.COM including:  creating a Store Interior, a Store Exterior, a Wish List, and your own Contact List within the Message Center.

3.  Begin marketing and promoting your BIZKIDZ.COM store to your friends and family.  Remember, you will start earning REAL money when people make online purchases through your BIZKIDZ.COM store!

4.  Complete the survey located HERE

What BIZKIDZ.COM agrees to offer you:

1.  One year FREE rent in BIZKIDZ.COM, (a $35.88 value).

2.  List your name on the “Junior Board of Advisors” page within the website – which will be posted when we launch to the public. (First name and last initial only for safety reasons).

3.  The opportunity to watch, to learn, and to be a part of a “real world” company as it launches into the marketplace.

So, if you are ready to get started, simply click the link below and you will be on your way!  (Please select the “Free Trial” option to activate your account for the 1 year free rent). 

Remember, in order to get a year’s free rent and your name on the “Junior Board of Advisors” we at BIZKIDZ.COM headquarters will have to hear from you and receive your completed ongoing surveys. 

<<The one year free rent offer expires September 30, 2008>>

Have fun, create your own store and earn some real money!


Thanks for your help!


P.S.  Since this is a BETA test, some functions on BIZKIDZ.COM may not work perfectly 100% of the time.  Please be patient and simply let us know what problems you are having by emailing our customer service department at cs@BIZKIDZ.COM and we will get them fixed as soon as possible.  Also, please note that when we introduce BIZKIDZ.COM to the public, we will have thousands of merchants with tens of millions of products.  However, currently, we have a few hundred merchants with about 2 million products.  If you don’t find the merchant or product you are looking for, please be patient as we are adding more and more options every day!



  1. Thank you, thank you-You have answered a need that I have found. Not only do I have 2 entrepreneurial kids but I am also teaching a kid’s business class at our homeschooling co-op. I will gladly sign-on for the beta testing. Good luck with this concept. I believe it will be a hit.

  2. @Mrs. Carrington – Thanks for the kind words! I would love to hear how your experience with the site went.

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