Posted by: Marty Fahncke | July 18, 2008

A free small-business Teleseminar series

Lately, almost all of the teleseminars, webinars, and live speaking engagements I’ve done have been paid events.   That means my audience has to pay to attend, and I get paid to present. 

That’s great for me, but NOT so great for people who can’t afford to pay for access to some of the cutting edge internet marketing strategies I share with my audiences.  

Recently, fellow Teleseminar Secrets alum Tim Fahndrich approached me with a request to speak at his Summer Success Summit

I agreed for three reasons:

#1  He said registration would be free for my attendees
#2  It allowed me to put on a teleseminar without having to do all the “back office” work
#3  Tim and I both have weird last names which start with “Fahn”
(Hey, people make commitments for much stranger reasons than this!)

Starting in just a couple of weeks, the Summer Success Series will be kicking off to help you grow your business while your competition is on holiday…

This is a teleseminar event featuring ten different speakers, and promises to deliver some very unique and interesting content which will reinvigorate your business. 

Best of all, this series is FREE!

Second best of all, there will be NO SELLING allowed by  the speakers on these Teleseminars. 

Just pure, valuable content!

>>> More Info<<<

The Summer Success Series features TEN speakers over four weeks, topics to be covered include:

  • Building a massive email marketing list from scratch
  • How to profit from Social Networking  (Featuring yours truly!)
  • Removing the barriers in YOUR belief so you CAN take your business to the next level
  • Niche, Niche, Niche!
  • Creating passive income through membership / subscription business models
  • Go For No!  Creating the ultimate system for failing your way to success
  • All systems go – leveraging the power of systems in your business
  • Dispelling the myths of Network Marketing and how you can create the life of your dreams
  • Creating multiple streams of income with affiliate marketing
  • Look ma – no hands!  Automating and leveraging your business using web-based tools and strategies
  • Living Life according to God’s Financial Principles


The Summer Success Series begins Tuesday, July 29th, so register today for your free access by clicking here:

>>> <<<

I’ll be on the line and ready to learn…will you?


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