Posted by: Marty Fahncke | July 4, 2008

My newest project – NASCAR Thunder by Thomas Kinkade

This week, I launched a DRTV (Direct Response TV…aka infomercial) campaign for Thomas Kinkade’s newest painting called NASCAR Thunder.

NASCAR Thunder by Thomas Kinkade

NASCAR Thunder by Thomas Kinkade

NASCAR Thunder is pure Kinkade, yet it’s also pure NASCAR, depicting the 50th running of the Daytona 500 this past February.

It’s really a brilliant painting, and I’m so proud to be a part of bringing it to market.

I created two different :60 second short form commercials, which began airing nationwide a couple of days ago.   I invite you to check them out by clicking below:

Commercial #1


Commercial #2

By the way, one of these is designed to appeal to women, and the other is designed to appeal to men.   Can you tell which is which?

Please let me know what you think about these commercials by leaving a comment on this post.

PS – If you want to purchase this print at a great price, click here:



  1. I prefer the voice on #2. It seems to fit more with the product. It’s seems a little more respectful. The voice on #1 sounded too much like a cheesy pitch to me. So, that leaves me to think that #2 is pitched towards women??!!

  2. Hey Marty

    Its clear to me that #1 is for men and #2 is for women (Noticed the woman sitting under the painting in #2) My first husband is a racing fan and I know that he would be attracted to #1 because it simulates the commentary that you hear on a live race. I would split test, not sure how many women would buy for their husbands, or how many men would buy for themselves. Keep us updated on the data as you air these.

    Best to you

    Heidi –

  3. @GayeLyn – You are correct! (And thanks for calling one of my commercials cheesy…you really know how to hurt a guy!)

  4. @Heidi – You are also correct!

    Thank you for suggesting a split test. That’s actually the whole reason I created two spots. I wanted to see who would be more likely to purchase this product, men or women.

    Due to confidentiality reasons, I may not be able to publicly announce which one worked best, or share a lot of data. But I’ll do my best to keep you informed with information I am allowed to share.

  5. I think they both should do the job since they’re definitely geared to one or the other sex. I just love that NASCAR painting for some reason. Something about it. Hope you sell a ton.

  6. Definitely could tell which was marketed to males or females, I found the first one annoying, the man’s voice was so grating that I could barely stand to listen to the whole thing ( lol, I hope you were wanting complete honesty, Marty!) But I liked the second one!

  7. Hi Marty,

    I liked #2 better, but I’m a woman…so I guess that explains it! The first one sells NASCAR, the second sells Thomas Kinkade. My husband and I both love NASCAR, but I love the artist as well. I think you need to run both commercials for the best outcome. I think ordinarily, women would be the ones to buy home decor, so the second one will work for sure on women. Good luck! I think it will be a big success!

  8. Hello Marty!

    Within 1 second I knew the first video was geared towards men. You did a great job appealing to each gender.

    I kinda agree with GayeLyn about the first one being a bit cheesy. The voice seemed un natural and “free ginsu knife, but wait thats not all” ish. I also agree with Heidi in that the voice seem to try to emulate the NASCAR announcing but I think it misses the mark.

    Don’t be offended, I am usually wrong on these type of things.


  9. Hi Marty,

    I prefer the No 2 commercial. It seemed to be less agressive… more like you were promoting Thomas Kincaid, speaking of it in terms of seeing it as a decoration… No. 1 was more to the race fan… exciting full of energy and I would think leading more toward the NASCAR collector…
    Just depends on which what you are trying to attract.

  10. WOW! Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Don’t worry Korey (or anyone else), I don’t get offended easily.

    Believe it or not, “cheesy” often sells very well in this medium. There is a reason the “but wait there’s more!” line is such a cliche’…because it works!

    I love all the feedback from each and every one of you, and will be integrating your thoughts/suggestions into future versions of this and other work I do for Kinkade.

  11. Hey Marty,

    #1 is for men and #2 for women, and yes I liked #2. To me it showed more of the painting and less of the “real” racing.
    And that is from a TN girl were racing is “what we do around here”.

    Good Luck!

  12. I agree with what everyone else has said! The only additional feedback I have is that in some spots, in both ads, the jump from one shot to the next – or the zooming in of a shot seemed a bit too quick – perhaps to capture that “racing” feel…I felt like I was missing stuff. (and am getting old) But great job – much success to you! Cheers!

  13. Either only women are responding your request for responses or you have a few men in touch with their feminine side. No. 2 seems to be the commercial of choice. It moves smoother and seems to flow better. The first one made me anxious — not exactly the mood I want to be in when purchasing a painting. Good job in catching the “spirit” of the painting. Good Luck

  14. that’s friggin awesome

  15. Marty,

    I saw your tv ad today. Looks great, the only problem is the purchase radio buttons on the web site don’t work. I tried two different browsers with the same result. Please e-mail me with the phone number so I can make a purchase. Thanks.


  16. @Paul,

    Thank you so much for alerting me to this problem! The webmaster at Thomas Kinkade company has been alerted, and hopefully we’ll have the problem corrected right away.

    In the meantime, if you want to order by phone, please call 800-503-3789.

    Enjoy you’re the artwork, and again THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me know.

  17. nascar thunder rocks! I will be having this as a mouse pad in January. meanwhile, please check out my store for other thomas kinkade’s mouse pads.

  18. […] July 4, 2008 – The project I did with Kinkade “NASCAR Thunder” is one of top selling painings Kinkade has ever created!  Gotta love the power of DRTV! And […]

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