Posted by: Marty Fahncke | May 16, 2008

Put your contact info on your blog

I’m researching an article I’m writing for Electronic Retailer magazine.

In my research, I find a great quote on a blog. 

I search for contact info for the blog owner to ask permission to use the quote (Yes, some people still ask permission before using other peoples’ content.  I’m one of them)

My search is in vain.  There is no contact info anywhere.  No email.  No phone.  The “about” page is blank.  In fact, the real name of the owner of the blog isn’t even visible.  It is a well written, fully updated blog, with no human persona whatsoever. 

I guess I won’t use the quote, and this person won’t get free press exposure. 

Lesson:  If you have a blog, make sure people have a way to contact you!

PS – Want to contact me?  You can click **CONTACT MARTY** under the blogroll headings to the lower right OR you can click “About Marty M. Fahncke” and click CONTACT MARTY under my picture.  Simple, right?


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