Posted by: Marty Fahncke | April 14, 2008

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox logo     VS      Internet explorer logo

I started using the Mozilla Firefox browser several years ago for two reasons:

#1  Internet Explorer (IE) kept crashing in the middle of trying to get work done
#2  According to all of my internet/tech tech savvy friend, Firefox was “better”.

Well, I’m back to using Internet Explorer.

The “crashing” situation is the main reason.  When IE crashed, it just gave me an error, then shut down all of my browser windows.  Annoying but not drastic.

However when Firefox crashed, it locks up my ENTIRE computer, forcing a hard restart.  This is not only annoying, but has on more than one occasion caused me to lose important work in other applications…and hard restarts can’t be good for my computer. 

Furthermore, two websites I visit frequently (including my bank) don’t operate correctly on Firefox. 

Therefore, I just switched back to Internet Explorer as my default brower. 

I must say, I really don’t think there is a big difference in the “browsing experience”. 

The only thing I miss about Firefox isn’t even Firefox itself. Instead, it’s a brilliant little third party plug-in called “Search Status”, which allows you to monitor the Google PageRank and Alexa ranking of any site you are visiting at a glance.  I LOVE this application, but can’t seem to find a similar one for IE.   Anyone know if such a thing exists?

PS – Sorry Seth, but I’m going to screw up your stereotype…I’m a power user visiting your site on IE.  🙂



  1. oh no you didn’t!!

    you should have heeded your own advice about the “internet never forgetting” before dissing the most popular girl on the internet … he didn’t mean it Firefox … please forgive him

  2. @caustic – Very funny! Believe me, I wish I wasn’t stuck on IE, but a browser lock up is better than a whole computer lock up.

  3. Hi Marty,

    Thanks for letting me know about your post via Facebook. I’m relieved to know it’s not just me. I resisted Firefox for a long, long time and was eventually brow-beaten into it by folks who liked to lord it over me how stupid I was for using IE when Firefox was so much better. I did enjoy using Firefox last year and was glad to have switched but, no sooner did I fall in love with it, it started being unreliable. I was losing so much time to it’s nonsense (crashes, lockups, or just it’s refusal to do anything mid-way through a process) that I just had to vent my frustration on Twitter.

    I have a fear of IE (thanks to techno boys who got me to switch to FF over the “security” issues but now I’m starting to think, if Firefox can’t even perform it’s basic browsing tasks with any reliability, how can I even be sure it’s got the security angles covered.

    Who needs more techno-stress? Not me, that’s for sure. Anyway, thanks for helping me feel better and less alone.

    Linda M. Lopeke
    The SMARTSTART Coach

  4. @Linda Lopeke — No problem, glad to help. It’s also good for me to know others have had problems with FF. I was also thinking I was the only one! To quote the brilliant X-Files TV show “We are not alone”

  5. I called Firefox to find out about their security and
    they couldn’t clear me for their system and suggested I have a technician come out and clean
    out the bugs or Firefox itself for about $200.00.\
    I thanked him for the advice and signed off.
    When I tried to pull up my Internet Explorer, I got
    Firefox instead. Now how the devil do I
    sign them off and get Internet Explorer back?

  6. i don’t know what you people are whining about. obviously some sites are going to be IE-centric (idiots), and there’s a swell plugin for Firefox to do just that, open that site in IE, but within a window of FF(ie tab). I have not had any crashing issues with FF, then I have more savvy than the average user, and know how to turn off some of the crap that goes into my browser. You can set sites that FF doesn’t like to open in IE, thus fixing your immediate issues.
    If it’s just a few sites not working in FF, just think of how many sites you’ve had to stop going to just because IE doesn’t load them properly.

  7. @brian Coming to somebody’s blog and accusing the owner and his readers of “whining” seems pretty bad form. But I’ll let your comment stay just because I’m a nice guy like that. 🙂

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