Posted by: Marty Fahncke | March 20, 2008

Travel facts and observations

Marty Fahncke on Lone Peak in Montana
Marty at 11,200 feet on top of Lone Peak in Montana (Feb. 2008)

I just returned from a long series of business trips, and thought it would be fun to break it down by the numbers, then share a few observations:

Beginning February 24th, and ending March 18th (24 day period)

Days on the road: 18
Miles flown: 12,276
Total number of flights: 18
Number of hotels slept in: 6
Number of business cards handed out: 250
Farthest West I traveled: Marina del Rey, CA
Farthest East I traveled: Boston, MA
Farthest South I traveled: Palm Springs, CA
Farthest North I traveled: Bozeman, MT
Lowest elevation traveled to: Sea level (Marina del Rey, CA)
Highest elevation traveled to: 11,200 above sea level (Lone Peak, MT)
Number of hours waiting around airports: Don’t even get me started


  • The customer (non)service at Delta Airlines is the worst I’ve ever seen it since I started flying them almost 20 years ago. If Delta still exists a year from now I’ll be surprised.
  • Hanging out with your audience before a speaking engagement is a good thing. It really helps to tailor the presentation just for them.
  • No matter where I was, whether it was 20 degrees or 80 degrees, people were complaining about the temperature.
  • While on the road, I have a policy of never eating in a restaurant that I can visit at home (i.e. no chain restaurants). I much prefer visiting independent restaurants which reflect the local flavor and style of the area I’m visiting. Variety is the spice of life, right? After staying at the Eliot Hotel in Boston, I’ve decided to consider expanding that strategy to hotels as well. Boutique hotels are much more interesting than a cookie-cutter Sheraton or Marriott. Hmm. Wonder why I haven’t thought of this before?
  • Lots of hand washing, vitamin C, and Echinacea kept me sickness-free, even when everyone around me was coughing and sneezing. (Remind me next time not to schedule so many trips at the peak of flu season)
  • I LOVE the new “Expert Traveler Line” aka “Diamond Self-Select Lines” the TSA is testing. I used them in both Salt Lake and Boston, and they really did make my wait in line shorter and less frustrating.


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