Posted by: Marty Fahncke | March 19, 2008

Need a new job? Think outside the box (or at least outside your industry)

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal featured a very timely article about people looking for a job who are finding success by switching careers to completely different, yet related fields.

The article outlines some good advice for those who are looking for a new job…as I know some of my readers are.

It talks about how to take your skills and connections from a shaky job in a declining industry, and translate them to a great job in a growing industry.

Can you see the correlation between…

  • Systems engineer to salesman?
  • Real estate agent to client service manager?
  • Car salesman to heavy equipment rep?
  • Information technology to gas pump ad sales?


Click here to check out the full article to see how these and other career changes make sense.

One more thing…this article features my uncle Korey Reid as one of the examples. I can’t BELIEVE he got quoted in the Wall Street Journal before I did! I’m jealous, but very proud of him. 🙂



  1. hahahaha – Keep working hard Marty – you will make it some day – LOL

    Love, Uncle Korey

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