Posted by: Marty Fahncke | February 21, 2008

Where the heck is Marty?

If you’re looking for me over the next few weeks, you’d better be checking the airports, because I’m going to be zig-zagging across the Western United States like a crazy man!

Air traffic control map
(Air Traffic Control Map)

My travel schedule is below…I’m posting it so that if you want to connect with me at any of these locations/events, you’ll know to keep an eye out for me!

February 24th & 25th
Las Vegas, NV – Affiliate Summit
Speaking engagement – Debate Moderator

February 26th & 27th
Bozeman, MT – CEO Summit (Private event)
Speaking engagement – Keynote Speaker

February 29th to March 2nd
Los Angeles, CA – MEGA Book Marketing University with Mark Victor Hansen
Networking and learning

March 7th & 8th
San Mateo, CA – Teleseminar Secrets Reunion with Alex Mandossian
Networking and learning

March 10th
Palm Springs, CA – The American Homeowner
Client meetings

March 11th
San Jose, CA – Thomas Kinkade Company
Client meetings

If you see me, be sure to say hi!


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