Posted by: Marty Fahncke | February 8, 2008

More traffic for your web site – 50% off

“Dramatically increase your web site traffic without spending a fortune”

That’s the promise of the webinar I’m doing in eleven days with best-selling author David Meerman Scott.

David Meerman Scott

David is the author of “Profiting From The New Rules of Marketing & PR”, which has been on the Amazon best-seller list for the past 8 months.

Among the many profitable tips and pointers you’ll pick up from this program are…

  • Why the old rules of PR are obsolete
  • Why it pays to “pimp out” your blog
  • How great online content can drive people into the buying process — and what defines “great”
  • How to identify, target and convincingly communicate with your company’s buyer personas
  • How to podcast for persuasion and profit
  • How to develop compelling content your buyers want to read, hear and see
  • Online thought leadership: How to brand your organization as a trusted resource
  • How to create online content with pass-along value
  • How to use RSS to cost-effectively deliver your web content to targeted niches
  • What to include in your online media room
  • Tips for better search engine marketing results

and much more!

I’m doing this webinar in partnership with What’s Working Now, and the cost is $119.


I’ve convinced my joint-venture partner on this event to let my blog readers register for the webinar at 50% off (Only $59.50). This discount is ONLY being offered here, so click below to take advantage of this secret discount for My Perspective blog readers.



  1. I’m looking forward to this Webinar! I’ll be sharing my best ideas.

    Take care, David

  2. Ive never heard of whats working now. Cool. I’ll go check them out. Thanks for the discount.

    Dave Jackson

  3. Good info. and read. Will be back soon to read more of your information.

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