Posted by: Marty Fahncke | January 30, 2008

Social Media Resources

Today I gave a presentation at Electronic Retailer Magazine’s LiveEdit Lab in Los Angeles.

I promised the audience access to the slides and a recording of the session.

As a special bonus, I decided to provide this valuable material here on my blog as well. HOWEVER, this info will only be posted for the next 10 days. After that, I will be conducting a live, paid teleseminar with this content, and free access to it will be turned off.

Access the Social Media PowerPoint Slides

Access the Audio recording

SORRY – TOO LATE!  If you want to have access to this info, please use the “Subscribe” feature in the upper right corner of this page so you will get a notice when I re-release this material. 
Recommended resources from the presentation:

Webinar: Profiting From The New Rules of Online Marketing & PR with David Meerman Scott


I’m on Facebook Now What
I’m on Facebook, Now what?

I’m on LinkedIn now what
I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?

New rules of marketing and PR Profiting From The New Rules of Marketing & PR

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  1. Great presentation! I’ve already got our brand spankin’ new Facebook page ready to launch and a LinkedIn strategy, as well. Great ideas you gave us all–thanks!

  2. Thanks Jolie,

    I’m glad the information was valuable to you!

  3. Marty,

    Thanks so much for the very informative presentation!!

  4. Patrick,
    You are welcome!
    Glad you enjoyed.

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