Posted by: Marty Fahncke | October 31, 2007

What to do when YOUR company is faced with a recall

Recall stamp image logo

If you are faced with a recall, I want to make sure you, your company, and your brand have the best possible chance of maintaining the trust and relationship with your customers that you’ve worked hard to build.

In light of the recent media focus on recalls, I have noticed that while many companies understand how to manage the LOGISTICS of a recall, they are failing woefully in the area of communicating the right message to their customers before, during and after a recall.

In order to help your company weather the recall storm, I presented a worldwide Teleseminar titled:

“11 Of The Most IMPORTANT Things To Do When YOUR Company Is Faced With a Recall”

The recording for this event is now available for free by clicking HERE

What you will learn from this recording:

  1. How to use paid search Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask to ensure the RIGHT message is being delivered to the RIGHT audience.
  2. A domain name strategy designed to protect your brand image
  3. How to leverage the power of online video to calm fears and reinforce your relationship with your customers.
  4. The do’s and don’ts of leveraging press releases during a recall campaign
  5. How to utilize targeted online media buys to reach past, present, and future customers with your message
  6. How you can be telling your side of the recall story on national radio in a matter of DAYS.
  7. How and why to work with “influencer bloggers” to promote your recall action plan.
  8. The single most important place you need to place a link to your recall information
  9. What you should (and shouldn’t) be doing on your company Blog to reach out to your customers.
  10. How to use appropriate blog advertising networks to distribute your message to the public through passionate media outlets. (Let’s face it, they are going to be talking about you anyway, you may as well have a say in what they talk about!)
  11. Why it is critical that you saturate the media with your message, and how to do it effectively, efficiently, and with integrity.

Click HERE to listen to this important information (Scroll to bottom of new page that opens)


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