Posted by: Marty Fahncke | October 19, 2007

Is Comcast turning into big brother?

I just ran across this news story about Comcast blocking some internet traffic in order to “…ensure all our customers have the best broadband experience possible,” according to Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas.

He went on to say; “This means we use the latest technologies to manage our network to provide a quality experience for all Comcast subscribers.”

According to the AP news story:

Comcast’s technology kicks in, though not consistently, when one BitTorrent user attempts to share a complete file with another user.

Each PC gets a message invisible to the user that looks like it comes from the other computer, telling it to stop communicating. But neither message originated from the other computer — it comes from Comcast. If it were a telephone conversation, it would be like the operator breaking into the conversation, telling each talker in the voice of the other: “Sorry, I have to hang up. Good bye.”

Does this scare the pants off anyone else besides me?

I don’t use BitTorrent, but what is to stop Comcast from doing that to a website that I DO use?

Or perhaps one that you use?



  1. This certainly scares me! Net Neutrality is something we’re trying to cover frequently on Electronic Retailer magazine’s new blog.

    The Internet needs to remain free and open. This is one of the last channels where everyone can attempt the “American Dream” on a level playing field.

  2. […] end of the internet? A while back, I posted about Comcast playing games with internet users by blocking access to some sites and services without their knowledge or […]

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