Posted by: Marty Fahncke | August 1, 2007

American Inventor…and the winner is…

In tonights final episode of American Inventor, the $1 million winner was announced.

At the beginning of the episode, the first of the top three finalists were cut.  This happened to be Ricky DeRennaux and his HT Racers.

All was not lost however.  A representative Spin Master, the manufacturer of the Air Hogs line of remote control toys, has agreed to help Ricky for a week to help him get his products to market.

After that, the First Alert company came on stage and promised to help Greg Chavez develop and market his Guardian Angel.

Next, a representative from Maidenform came on stage and offered to help Elaine Cato continue to develop her Annette Convertible Bra.

Finally, the winner was announced:

The winner of the $1 million American Inventor competition is…

GREG CHAVEZ and the GUARDIAN ANGEL just as I predicted last week!

 Congratulations to all of the contestants.

 Remember, if you would like information on how to get YOUR invention on TV, contact me HERE.


  1. Greg is my older brother and we’re really happy for his accomplishment. And thankful to all who supported him! If you missed the episode, you can see segments of it here:

  2. The runner up, Ricky DeRennaux and his HT Racers will probably be the biggest success in the market place.
    HT RACERS paired up with Spin Master (the largest makers of remote control planes) and that company truly is innovative and works with inventors.
    They already put up a press release on the net.

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