Posted by: Marty Fahncke | July 26, 2007

First the iPod, then the iPhone, now the iBible!

Thanks to Wade over at Christian Affiliate Marketers for bringing this hilarious video to my attention! 

Click the play button below to check it out…

The video is funny, but is also useful in pointing out some of the shortcomings we might have in reading our Bible…laziness, falling asleep, letting it collect dust on the shelf, etc.

Hopefully, it will inspire you to pull out your analog (print) version and get to reading!


  1. Marty,

    We just got back from the Christian retail show in Atlanta and I was amazed at a couple of things. How many versions of the Bible there are to read in print (and we’re just talking english here) and how many different possibilities there are to either watch your Bible on DVD, or listen to it on CD.

    I’m personally glad that there is such an effort being made to get into it one way or the other.

    I’m waiting for one of my new friends to send me a copy of “The Message” on 20+ CD’s

    If you haven’t checked it out – its a companion to the Bible – as it’s a paraphrase in 21st century English – really makes the concepts approachable.

    Not for everyone for sure… but like I said – an interesting companion to whatever translation you like.

  2. I just happenned to get to the iBible and really think it’s a clever and funny video! It does make a point that we really can use technology in so many ways and ways that will benefit us.

    I usually ask my Southern Oregon clients if they are “readers” and there are more and more people who are not. I agree with Wade, we need to get it one way or another!

  3. Wow, I just posted on my blog about the ibible, I sell it and I was looking for customer reviews! This was funny, love the video!


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