Posted by: Marty Fahncke | July 11, 2007

American Inventor – Review of Inventions (Episode 5)

Evaluation of products featured on American Inventor from a DRTV (Infomercial and Home Shopping) perspective.

Comments on the inventions where the judges said “Yes”

Invention:  Easy Mower
Inventor:  Furney Eubanks
Summary:  Mower on a pivot deck that is supposed to make it easier to turn. 
Comments:  Not sure if there is really a benefit of the design, other than POSSBILY making it easier to turn the mower.  The inventor, at 80 years old is an interesting guy though, and could have some success just on his personality.   Not a DRTV product however.

Invention:  Revolutions Exerciser
Inventor:  Mike Kelley – Revolutions Exerciser
Summary:  A fitness device that allows for a circular motion exercise of the legs, allowing you to work out all the muscles of the legs. 
Comments:  The concept is a good one, and I can see this being a potentially good seller.  As it is developed now, it appears way too big and bulky to be a good DRTV item.  The design also looks complicated and expensive.  If it can possibly be redesigned to make it smaller and less expensive, it could be a hit.  This guy could learn a lot from attending my upcoming Teleseminar, where I address another product in a similar situation that went on to sell over $500 million. 

Invention:  Dryer Shoe Holder
Inventor:  Glenda and Richard Jackson
Summary:  A high density polymer device that holds shoes in place inside your dryer, so they don’t tumble and bounce all over when you are drying them.
Comments:  This actually could be a great DRTV item.  Apparently, the Jacksons are as annoyed by the sounds of tennis shoes tumbling in the dryer as I am.  Not to mention the fact that I’m just sure something is going to break in there with big, heavy shoes clunking around. 

Invention:  Pop-Up Party Table
Inventor:  Richard McFee
Summary:  A table with pop up center pieces that allow you to have a multi-layer effect for decorative purposes.
Comments:  I personally would never buy this product, but I can think of a lot of people who would!  Could be a great home shopping item. 

Invention:  Wrapaway
Inventor:  Mike and Joe Miller
Summary:  A dispenser for food wraps such as plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.
Comments:  I’ve seen a number of dispensers like this in my time.  I even worked with one similar to this several years ago where we had moderate success on HSN (home shopping)  It was called EZ Wrap, and appears to still be available

Invention:  Rebuilding Blocks
Inventor:  Carlos Reid
Summary:   Plastic blocks (like Lego) which can be used in the construction of a house.  Waterproof, fireproof,
Comments:  Not a DRTV product, but a VERY interesting concept.  Of all the products on this episode, I think this one deserves the $50,000 just to see if the idea is really feasible. 

Comments on the inventions where the judges said “No”:

Invention:  Scramblers 10
Inventor:  Michael (Mickey) Osayi
Summary:  Game like Scrabble with numbers, where you use numbers instead of numbers.
Comments:  I have one word for you…Sudoku.  The judges rejected this item, but I think they should have looked at the positive.  Yes, it’s a knock-off/variation of an existing game, but that could be a positive, not a negative.  IF he can change it enough not to violate any existing patents from Scrabble, he could have a good product.  It’s not a DRTV item, but does show promise.

Rejected by the judges:
Charles Amyx – Cool a Top
Evan Balasuria – Double Chin Buster
Jeff Miller – Squirrel Circus
Marsia Tucci – Breast Mattress
Rodney Skinner – Quickie Mouth Cleaner
Ben Housbach – Safe Tan
Virginia Gentile – Pet Jacuzzi
Khaled Abusaif – Car Zoogler
Carlos Reid – Rebuilding Blocks


  1. […] by Joe and Mike Miller was chosen as the Houston $50,000 winner.  I’m surprised at this.  As I posted in my review last week, the idea really isn’t that novel, and many similar devices are out there.  Oh well, it does […]

  2. I have been working on the idea of a plastic building block for about 8 years, and have a patent pending at this time. I am very interested however in a plastic that doesn’t burn (or in the case of building) at least doesn’t melt.

  3. I failed to leave the website address of my invention –

  4. My father is the inventor of a scramblers 10. and i just wanted to let you know that the patent for scrabble ran out in the 70s. so its legal for you to use features of the game!!! You just can’t use the trademark scrabble.

  5. Want to see some truly amazing blocks? Just Google Zipblocks.

  6. hi i am frank, from peru. I have a company we worked to build houses and buildings, Moreover, studies technology projects for the construction, I would like to communicate via mail with Charles Reid Reid, if someone could spend his post about his personal mail or his company website, and would greatly appreciate

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