Posted by: Marty Fahncke | April 24, 2007

Know anything about business consulting?

About six months ago, I was contacted by a writer who was doing what I THOUGHT was a magazine story about starting up a consulting business.

Based on my eight years of consulting, I provided him some general information about my consulting business, as well as several tips and strategies I felt would be useful for someone just starting out.

To my surprise, I just found out he was doing a book, not a magazine!

The name of the book is “FabJob Guide to Become a Business Consultant

FabJob Guide to Become a Business Consultant

It’s a 277 page book which outlines step-by-step how to be successful in the business and management consulting business.

Because I’m a “featured expert”, I was just sent an advance copy of the book to review.  I have to be honest…for some reason I wasn’t expecting the book to be all that great.  They are selling it for less than $30…for a book to tell you how to start a six-figure a year business.  So how much value could there be in it?

Was I ever wrong!  I TRULY wish I would have had this book when I was starting out.  It would have saved me a huge amount of time, money, and frustration.

In fact, I read the entire book in one sitting, and took notes like crazy as I was reading it.  The book is aimed toward someone brand-new to the consulting field.  However, I still learned a lot from this book, even after nearly a decade of successful consulting practice.

A couple of the tips of mine you’ll find in the book:

Network: To be a successful consultant, you need a vast network of resources at your fingertips. This is not only important for generating new business, but also for leveraging the business you generate. Every consulting project leads to the need for additional resources, such as programmers, designers, project managers, even gophers. If YOU can be the one to connect the people with the need, your business will prosper. Networking is key…attend every conference, tradeshow, and networking function you possibly can.

Set goals: You are in the first days of an entirely new career (and life). Do you know EXACTLY what you want from it? If you are like many independent consultants, you may have arrived in this position due to an outside influence, such as downsizing, frustration with the bureaucracy of corporate America, etc. Take the time to create written goals for your new business. Be sure to make them specific, and give yourself a deadline…for example; “By December 31st, 2008, I will have 5 new clients, generating $45,000 per month in revenue”

Be yourself: Many consultants I’ve seen starting out try to be all things to all people. Just to generate revenue, they often take projects they shouldn’t take, in areas in which they have no expertise. Don’t be tempted into doing this. Clients are hiring you for your knowledge and skill. If you try to sell them on knowledge or skill you don’t have, sooner or later it will come back to bite you. Furthermore, while you’re struggling to manage a project outside of your comfort zone, you never even notice the perfect project for you passing by.

If you want to check out the book for yourself, click here.

The regular, printed book is set for release in May of 2007.  However, the publishers have compiled all 277 pages of the book into an “advance copy” e-book, which can be downloaded instantly.

I highly recommend the e-book version, as there are dozens (hundreds?) of links in the content to all sorts of resources, tools, and other information, and all of the links are active, live links in the e-book.  You can just click on them and go right to the source of the information.

If you or anyone you know is a consultant, or wants to be a consultant, this book is a must-have resource.

PS – I’ve been cutting back on my consulting the past year or so, focusing most of my attention on my Teleseminars and my book.  However, after reading this book, it got me charged up and excited about consulting again!

Therefore, I’ve decided to set aside some time to focus on consulting, and I’d love to work with YOU if you would like to increase the revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction of your business.  Please contact me here.


  1. thanks for the tip – I’ll check it out.

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