Posted by: Marty Fahncke | April 18, 2007

My interview with world-famous promotor Shelly Saltman

Back in the 1990’s, I had the great pleasure of working for a couple of years with a guy by the name of Shelly Saltman. At the time, we were working together at the largest DRTV company in the world to bring infomercials to Japan and other parts of Asia.

In getting to know Shelly, I found out that he had lived more life than three or four average people put together. I would spend hours listening to him tell stories about working with Muhammad Ali for the Ali/Frazier fights, Andy Williams on his TV show and golf tournament, starting the first cellular telephone company in Russia, and many more amazing stories. He had been a sports promoter, a radio broadcaster, was involved in the early days of television, and had done many other exciting things in his long career.

Shelly Saltman with Russian President Boris Yeltsin
(Shelly with Russian President Boris Yeltsin)

Shelly was truly an inspiration, and even though he was then in his late 60’s, he had more energy than anyone else on the team of mostly 20 and 30 year olds! If you got him going on a marketing or promotional idea, he’d start talking a mile a minute, and wouldn’t stop hounding everyone until a deal got done.

One story he never talked about, but which I learned through the grapevine, was that Shelly was the guy Evel Kneivel beat nearly to death with a baseball bat. Now, I was a kid when that happened, so I didn’t really remember it, but I know back in the ‘70’s, it was a pretty big deal. Evel Kneivel went to jail for this crime, but never did admit what he did was wrong.

Fear No Evel by Shelly Saltman
(Shelly Saltman’s new book Fear No Evel)

Recently, Shelly has broken his silence about the whole ordeal in a new book called “Fear No Evel”. In the book, he talks about not just this, but about many other historic events in which Shelly was involved.

I had the great pleasure and honor of interviewing Shelly live for one full hour on Wednesday, May 2nd 2007, and I’m inviting you to listen in for FREE.

I know from experience that Shelly can tell a story like no one else can. And his memory for details is amazing!

If you would like to listen in on two old friends having a conversation about one man’s amazing life, be sure to check it out.

Details can be found here:



  1. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  2. dear shelly,

    hope this message finds you and your family in good health.

    i can remember like it was yesterday in your office when evil’s lawyer called and said, well you probably will get the money, but evil will never give you a public apology.

    good luck shelly,

    george campanis

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