Posted by: Marty Fahncke | April 12, 2007

Being a Better Dad: Smarter Fathers, Stronger Families

<Advisory: Self Promotion>

My company Conference Call University, is producing an important event, and I wanted to make sure everyone know about it…

Up until now there has been no effective, ongoing method for men to learn vital information or gain new skills on being a better dad.

That’s why I’m so proud to be working with four of the worlds top experts on families and parenting to create the first-ever exclusive teleseminar series focused only on helping men be better dads.

It doesn’t matter if you are married, divorced, a single father, or WHATEVER your status might be.  If you are a dad, you NEED this information…

Free preview conference call:

This unique, ‘Being a Better Dad’ Teleseminar series covers…

–> The national perspective on the most significant parenting and men’s issues of 2007

–> How a father can respond to Parental Alienation Syndrome (where one parent tries to turn a child against the other parent)

–> Stopping verbal abuse in marital or post-marital conflict

–> Winning strategies to raising healthier children

–> A new approach to healthy intimate relationships based on business strategies that will actually work in the 21st century.

‘CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE’ – Fathers who complete all 4 hours of ‘Being a Better Dad,’ taught by a team of national experts, will be awarded written proof of their commitment to learning and growing as a father!

More information:

NATIONAL EXPERTS: The faculty includes an all-star field:

1) Glenn Sacks – the father’s advocate extraordinaire.
Glenn is a columnist, commentator, and radio talk show host. His columns appear in dozens of the largest newspapers in the US, and he is quoted in dozens of major publications. His radio show has received extensive media attention from major media outlets including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, Fox News, CNN, PBS, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Univision.  Glenn is currently waging war against advertisers who portray men as inept or inadequate. For anyone tired of how men are treated by law enforcement, social services, the courts or advertisers… this teleseminar is for you. He will provide an update on the latest stories about men that you can’t afford to miss.

2) J. Mike Bone, Ph.D. – national expert on Parental Alienation Syndrome and High Conflict Divorce. 
Dr. Bone provides educational and consultative services to parents and attorneys in custody battles. He has been an Evaluator, Expert Witness and Educator on Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in Courts throughout the United States. 

3) Debby Hirschhorn Ph.D. – foremost marriage and family therapist and author of two acclaimed books, ‘The Secret Marriage Killer: Eradicating Verbal and Emotional Abuse’ and ‘How to Get Your Kids to WANT to Do What YOU Want Them to’.
She will provide new insights and strategies not based on theory, but on the practical experience of raising 4 healthy children and she continues to help hundreds of couples and families do the same without abuse or coercion.

4) John Curtis, Ph.D. – founder of the 21st Century Marriage.
Dr. John Curtis is a consultant, researcher and author of ‘The Business of Love: 9 Best Practices for Improving the Bottom Line of Your Relationship’ which has receive rave reviews nationwide. It is NOT a self-help book but instead it details a step-by-step approach to apply proven business strategies to marriage that actually work in the 21st century. He is sought after as consultant and speaker nationwide and frequently appears in the media on shows such as the Today Show, iVillage Live, Fox Radio News, Bloomberg Financial and many newspapers.

FREE Preview Teleseminar – Thursday April 19 – 9 p.m. EDT / 6 p.m. PDT.

Click here for more info:

I hope you will join us!


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