Posted by: Marty Fahncke | March 29, 2007

Planning to exhibit at a tradeshow?

I was quoted this week in an article on StartUpNation called “5 Tips for Making Trade Shows Work for Your Business

If you exhibit at tradeshows, or are thinking about exhibiting at one, there are a few good tips in the article for you to check out.

In my opinion, the best piece of advice the article gave was:

“Follow up when the show is over. A trade show is only as good as the business it generates, so don’t stash that stack of business cards in a to-do-later file. Call, e-mail or send a handwritten note as soon as you return, at most within the first week after the show. Wait too long, and you’ve lost them.”

I just came home from a trip where I attended two conferences back to back.  I returned with over 200 business cards…and I followed up with EVERY SINGLE ONE of them.  The funny thing was, of the 200 other people with whom I exchanged those cards, less than 25 made an effort to follow up with me. 

I wonder what those other 175 people might be selling that I’ll never buy because they didn’t follow up?

You can read the full article here.


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  2. @Ernie – Normally I would delete a comment such as this as blog-spam, but it IS on topic, and looks to be a unique item so I’ll let it slide.

    Other bloggers may not be so forgiving, so be careful of the “hard sell comment”.

    I recommend you read #3 here:

    (For my readers, please know that any product you see me endorsing on this blog has been actually used and recommended by me. I have not used this particular product, so the appearance of this information is not an endorsement.)

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