Posted by: Marty Fahncke | March 19, 2007

Are your goals BIG enough?

Recently I attended a conference with about 500 other authors and speakers, many of whom are “aspiring”, and several of whom are hugely successful. 

One theme that kept coming up as a goal for many people was to be featured on Oprah.  In the publishing world, it’s commonly believed that a slot on Oprah is worth millions of dollars because of the exposure and power that her show wields over the mind of the public. 

Upon returning from the conference, I was going through my email, and noticed a SPAM message with the subject “Win tickets to watch Oprah”.   This made me realize that for many people, just going to watch the show being filmed would a big goal. 

All of this culminated into the development of what I call “The Oprah scale of big goals”, which started out like this:

Small goal:  I want to watch Oprah on TV
Average goal:  I want to go to Chicago, and watch an episode of Oprah being filmed
Big goal:  I want to be a guest on Oprah

So, where do you rank on this scale?  Wait…don’t answer yet!  

In thinking about it more, I realized there is an even bigger goal to add to this scale:

MEGA Goal:  I want to have MY OWN show that is even BIGGER than the Oprah show.  Then everyone else will have a goal to be on my show!

I don’t hear too many people take their goal setting to this level. 

It’s so big, it’s almost impossible to imagine.  But if you can’t imagine it, you probably won’t achieve it.   So start dreaming when you set your goals…and don’t limit yourself!

How can you apply this scale to your goals?  No matter what goals you have, they can probably be bigger.  For example:

“I want to get a raise at work” could be “I want to get a promotion which will double my salary”.  Or even bigger, “I want to run the company”


“I want a new car” could be “I want a new private jet” 

How big can you make your goals?



  1. How big a goal is it if I say I want to buy a used Gulfstream IV? 😉


  2. How about I want to be bigger than Oprah!

  3. How about a big one would be “I will be president of the US someday.”


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