Posted by: Marty Fahncke | January 29, 2007

Who owns the term “Webinar”?

A connection of mine on LinkedIn posted this question to me, based on my experience in the Webinar and Teleseminar industries running Conference Call University: 

<<<Begin snip>>>

Last August, it seems that filed a trademark on the word “webinar” claiming first use in commerce June 6, 2000. Now I know for a fact that the word was used in commerce before that, because my employer at the time was using it, and we borrowed the term from WebEx. I did some searching on Google (webinar + 1999) and easily found dozens more examples prior to June 1, 2000. I hate to see generic words hijacked like this (familiar with Entrepreneur Media?). What can be done about this? Any ideas?  <<<End snip>>> 

I don’t have the legal background to answer this, but was hoping someone out there could help.  I also checked the word “tele-seminar” and found out someone registered it back in 1993.   

In addition to the question posted by my friend, I was wondering what this means to all of us in those channels using these terms in our marketing or even in our business names? 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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